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Member 13694735 26-Dec-22 12:43pm View    
I did this but the txt_Query_DragDrop method is not executed.
Member 13694735 26-Dec-22 12:22pm View    
Member 13694735 5-Feb-22 12:23pm View    
Could you please show with examples?
Member 13694735 6-Oct-21 20:08pm View    
PIEBALDconsult's comments were uncalled for especially when I was asking for was some help. Isn't that what this site is for? If you feel the need to block me, go right ahead. If PIEBALDconsult can't take a little heat, maybe he had better get out of the kitchen. You will not need to block me because I'll never use or ask another question on
Member 13694735 6-Oct-21 11:10am View    
I though this forum was to help those in need of assistance but instead we have to waste time with a smart mouth like yours.