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Thaana Paana 25-Dec-18 12:40pm View
I know I'm very late but I think its java, and I actually gave up on this.
Thaana Paana 7-Sep-18 8:06am View
Sorry for the late reply, thanks this would be what I'm looking for, although I just delayed this project, I'm working on something else right now. Gonna break my keys and registry after this. Hopefully I won't mess my computer up
Thaana Paana 20-Jul-18 12:06pm View
thanks for the useful info, didn't know it worked that way! have been coding for a while now(self taught c#) xd
Thaana Paana 20-Jul-18 12:02pm View
c# compiling seems to be in the quite expertise area, but I'm gonna give it a try and do you know any other API capable of compiling c# at runtime? also should have searched 'vs c# runtime compile and execute' on google + here is a similar topic if anybody is interested.
Thaana Paana 20-May-18 2:16am View
I should have done a little more search. I'm simply trying to get that string in Inspect Element like after java made changes to it. Is the algorithm like within the java scripts? how can I find the algorithm, I'm sure its a set of functions right? or how can I get the string of that image. I'm trying to create a downloader for a certain website after I moved from my daily reading website. If it's close to impossible I guess I have to drop this one.
Thaana Paana 16-Mar-18 22:26pm View
oo, my bad. Still pretty new to the site xd
Thaana Paana 8-Mar-18 9:21am View
that was fast! and thanks
Thaana Paana 5-Mar-18 3:08am View
This isn't from scratch but this could work out, I will try this and let u know.

it didn't work but i found a other solution in wpf user control