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Comments by John Nay (Top 17 by date)

John Nay 20-Mar-18 14:38pm View    
You know like a logging console and i am using visual basic example

you know when you hit this key "~" you drop a console down that's what I want if you have played quake you would know what I am talking about
John Nay 17-Mar-18 19:54pm View    
Alright thanks for the advice it helped for sure
John Nay 17-Mar-18 14:19pm View    
Its like tweaking the textures and sounds of a game for example if you still have to buy the game itself to even play the modification then its not voiding copyright its still legal because you had to still buy the game itself before you installed the mod for the new textures and sounds so it would apply the same to putting the game in another engine but making it where you still need to purchase the game in order to play the new build so it would require some of the files in the game in order to run the new build so yeah Am I right here or ??
John Nay 17-Mar-18 14:05pm View    
What if they still need the base game to even play the game in a new engine if they have to still buy the game to play the remaster then its not voiding copyright right??
John Nay 16-Mar-18 16:19pm View    
will do thanks