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Member 13735228 1-Jun-21 17:45pm View    
I owe you an apology... Sorry for my deft response.
Member 13735228 1-Jun-21 12:37pm View    
I'm making this file from another file that is a mere data dump. As I bring the data in from the RestSharp Response (which is deserialized from a JSon array), I am passing that response document into an internal object that then is attempting to parse the data into a well formatted XML DOM Document that xPath can place into a flattened structure for reporting. All I'm trying to do is transform this data into something xPath can navigate. Because, if I leave this document as a huge data blob (117MB), DOM goes comatose when attempting to parse the data. I'm just looking to data drive the import so that can add Fields for collection or take away fields when performance is required.
Member 13735228 1-Jun-21 11:00am View    
There is so much null checking because the source data may or may not return a result for any one of the elements in question. Besides, when 5 API returns run through this, you never know what might return!?!?!?!?!
Member 13735228 1-Jun-21 10:55am View    
Can you expand on the Deserializer? Sounds intriguing!
Member 13735228 1-Jun-21 10:54am View    
The problem would be to create the XAttributes and the embedded XElements.