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Member 13755707 13-Apr-18 12:43pm View
Thanks for the help
Member 13755707 12-Apr-18 9:04am View
Alright I understand thanks anyway
Member 13755707 9-Apr-18 10:20am View
Thank you this helped me do you prefer me to use system.threading or pthread ect.. which one or other do you think would be the best solution for multithreading your application thanks...
Member 13755707 5-Apr-18 2:54am View
Thanks that helped me out
Member 13755707 5-Apr-18 0:25am View
Thanks for the help
Member 13755707 3-Apr-18 0:07am View
Even if I open the model00p file in a hex editor what Am I really suposed to look for I mean ??
Member 13755707 1-Apr-18 20:30pm View
model viewer happy do you understand that I hope so if not thats not good can somebody please help me out the right way I dont need some guy making fun of my question thanks
Member 13755707 31-Mar-18 7:18am View
Okay thanks I will try thanks for the help
Member 13755707 31-Mar-18 4:31am View
can you just give me a little text guide on your answer thanks it would save me more time looking around the interent thanks...
Member 13755707 31-Mar-18 4:31am View
Where is the enviroment varible LD_LIBRARY_PATH located at