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Comments by Demuter (Top 9 by date)

Demuter 28-May-20 4:33am View    
Good day. I would like to thank you for your help with my past problem, if there is an opportunity, could you look at one more of my questions. He is on a similar topic ... I can not understand what the problem is ...
Demuter 27-May-20 13:14pm View    
What additional information is better to provide?
Demuter 27-May-20 9:52am View    
I also thought about these ... I cleaned them, but still got the same result
Demuter 22-Apr-20 4:37am View    
Your code works, but the first catch(TimeoutException ex) sometimes gets an error: The operation timed out.
And then there is a problem as in my comment above ...
Demuter 21-Apr-20 15:14pm View    
It works! Thank you very much.
But can you tell me how to get around a new error ... =))

Now that I’m reading several registers in a loop, probably the program doesn’t have time to get an answer and the data is not coming.
Is it possible to solve only an increase in time? Or are there more options?
Thank you again!

I have not seen your code. Now I'll try it and then I will write how things are going.