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Member 13806552 26-Jun-19 15:11pm View    
Yeah the App table can only be joined that includes the where clause of the gm.GroupMemberObjectType being 201. That is whats' causing my issue.
Member 13806552 19-Mar-19 9:28am View    
Thank you this works.
Member 13806552 19-Mar-19 9:25am View    
That does not work unfortunately.
Member 13806552 1-Nov-18 10:19am View    
Thanks for responding I see what you did there the file names are getting appended to the new file I was hoping to append the actual contents so if x.txt says "hello world" then using the command type newfile.txt will also display "hello world" as well I was searching the extension because the file is self generated and I wont know the name but will only want the contents of it.
Member 13806552 1-Nov-18 9:43am View    
Yeah I tried that and still got the same result.