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Vitaly Tomilov 17-Jun-13 10:40am View
I did. Partial view give you pretty much a static page, i.e. generated only once, which means I would have to place all of my dialogs into a container and generate them all at start. I have lots of dialogs. Not only I do not want to generate every feasible dialog inside container, I want to do this only when needed, which means engaging razor engine dynamically, hence the question.
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 9:17am View
Good fix on your part, because the first version, suggesting use of (object[]obj).Length was no good, but use of Array works :)
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 8:58am View
Thank you. I can confirm that methods 1 and 2 work fine. Method 3 is not applicable, as I said I do not know the type, and do not care either. I wonder though, how the first two methods compare to the method I suggested with use of keyword dynamic... ;) I'm not sure what really happens underneath it :)
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 8:47am View
I said in the question that I already know it is an array.
Vitaly Tomilov 15-Nov-12 8:51am View
Thank you. It seemed a little overhead though. I had only 8 service methods that needed to report the list of parameters and values in them. In the end I settled for simply enumerating using keyword params, and then processing them in a generic way.
Vitaly Tomilov 14-Nov-12 9:07am View
That's a long read. And even after going through it (I saw your article earlier), I'm not clear how do I get a list of inputs with values? Can you simplify and just answer my question here?
Vitaly Tomilov 5-Oct-12 12:30pm View
After this I went through the ServiceStack and could see that it is based on use of IHttpHandler. From their configuration samples:

<add path="*" type="ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack" verb="*"/>

My question was on a lower level, as you see.
Vitaly Tomilov 5-Oct-12 12:24pm View
What I'm trying to achieve: As stated, I need a REST service capable of scaling to process more than 1000 requests per second. The service will use some basic caching mechanism to assure response without delay and fire the response at once. Both requests and responses are tiny.

I would never consider MVC's overhead for such task. I'm looking for the best performing approach.
Vitaly Tomilov 6-Sep-12 18:26pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
The author missed on jQuery fundamentals big time, and putting a whole new shine on the word overkill.
Vitaly Tomilov 4-Sep-12 9:41am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Excellent tip, also ever so timely - gave me incentive to revisit my latest code to replace all type conversions from using extensions to using implicit keyword.

Vitaly Tomilov 24-Aug-12 12:56pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
The one people use most often is as shown below, which you do not even mention...

public static int Compare(string strA, string strB, bool ignoreCase);
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Aug-12 12:32pm View
For the third time, I have no information about the type of encoding the array has. Anyway, the issue has been resolved. Cheers!
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Aug-12 11:02am View
That approach works only if you know the type of encoding, which I don't, as I clearly stated. I decided to re-post the problem that I'm having closer to what it actually is: CLOB: char[] serialization
Vitaly Tomilov 17-Jul-12 14:23pm View
You have made changes to your original code that invalidated the answers below. This is not a good thing to do ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 12-Jul-12 2:52am View
I had the behavior also, just didn't think it was important to include into the sample that I showed. Anyway, that link offers nothing interesting. Use of an alternative binding doesn't seem like a solution. Besides, I simplified the example, whereas in reality I am using TCP binding.

I'm getting convinced more and more there is simply no solution to my post...
Vitaly Tomilov 11-Jul-12 14:44pm View
The problem with using proxy, it is not what you publish, you publish the service, and the idea of proxy implies that I need to distribute something else, as a workaround. I was hoping to avoid it. It is much more elegant to just publish URL to the service, and that's it. Anyway, as I have found out, what I was looking for in the original question is simply impossible, doesn't work, i.e. max-size parameters do not get into WSDL.
Vitaly Tomilov 11-Jul-12 14:33pm View
So, if anonymous client pulls a reference from the service's public URL, what kind of proxy and how can set the client to use the right max-size parameters?
Vitaly Tomilov 11-Jul-12 2:37am View
As shown in the example, I am trying to increase the maximum string size that can be passed from service to the client.

And no, you misunderstood, it is not about just picking up changed binding properties, it is about the client side ignoring them from the beginning, and using the default values no matter what. That's the problem.

And I cannot set them on the client side in any way other than by adding a reference, because the service is remote, and the client has no idea what size of data the service is configured to pass, until the does.
Vitaly Tomilov 9-Jul-12 13:52pm View
Thank you, but I was just looking to get to the bottom of the issue with RegEx. And I did, even before the help came :)
Vitaly Tomilov 9-Jul-12 13:50pm View
Thank you, this is exactly what I figured out myself, shortly after asking :) To think that I used to be an expert in regular expressions, and to be stuck like this, but then I remember I only used them within Altova XML Spy, and not in Visual Studio :) Altova does not require use of ^ and & to make regular expressions work as I expected... ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 9-Jul-12 11:49am View
Ok, I think I have found out already... it requires that I have ^ in the beginning and $ in the end, and then "^[A-Z]{2,2}$" works correctly. Oh well, I asked, and I answered. Thank you everybody :)
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 20:14pm View
Well, he is asking for a word that best suits a column that contains AND and OR statements for the selection - isn't that a filter?
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 20:14pm View
Well, he is asking for a word that best suits a column that contains AND and OR statements for the selection - isn't that a filter?
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 19:16pm View
Does that even look like a message subject? Just really bad way of approaching a question, which discourages from answering it...
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 19:10pm View
Word 'Expression' does not signify an action, and I believe he needs a word that's in itself is an action ;) I offered a few below ;) Perhaps FILTER is the most pertinent in this case ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 10:25am View
What does it have to do with programming?
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 10:23am View
Development platform must be specified.
Vitaly Tomilov 2-Jul-12 10:22am View
What page? Did the author even say it is a page UI? It could be any UI platform.
Vitaly Tomilov 1-Jul-12 0:40am View

Not that it may mean anything to the person who asked the question :) but the first one is standard instantiation, while the second one is instantiation through factory ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 1-Jul-12 0:36am View
Obviously, the person doesn't quite understand what he is asking, let alone how to implement something like that, but i believe he meant a type of connection that requires no server, which would be P2P.
Vitaly Tomilov 1-Jul-12 0:34am View
Good answer +5
Vitaly Tomilov 30-Jun-12 22:01pm View
This property is virtual (implementation), and for that reason there is no event associated with its change. But why you want to catch this in the first place? Sounds unusual...
Vitaly Tomilov 30-Jun-12 21:59pm View
This summary isn't gonna help much. Could be a problem with how are you trying to log-in. Maybe you set it up as SQL authentication only, and trying to log-in using Domain authentication instead...
Vitaly Tomilov 30-Jun-12 19:03pm View
Impossible to answer until we know what PersonService.GetByID(int) does.
Vitaly Tomilov 30-Jun-12 18:03pm View
That's usually a P2P connection ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 30-Jun-12 18:01pm View
I want to get a puppy for my next birthday, but CodeProject doesn't offer such service, but neither it hosts software from Microsoft. Try instead.
Vitaly Tomilov 29-Jun-12 11:31am View
I have corrected the question formatting as much as I could, but from the English perspective, it is still a mess. Please update your question to make it easier to understand.
Vitaly Tomilov 28-Jun-12 9:59am View
Sounds like a personal message :)
Vitaly Tomilov 26-Jun-12 20:40pm View
Couldn't understand what you are talking about. Probably it's just the English.
Vitaly Tomilov 26-Jun-12 15:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 2
Can't see any value in this tip.
Vitaly Tomilov 25-Jun-12 18:35pm View
...except you forgot to actually put +5 :)
Vitaly Tomilov 25-Jun-12 14:14pm View
I believe the author of the question is confused. There is no such thing as static C++ library in managed C++, it only exists in unmanaged C++.
Vitaly Tomilov 25-Jun-12 14:03pm View
You're welcome! :)
Vitaly Tomilov 25-Jun-12 13:56pm View
The very core of API, SendMessage has this limitation that prevents sending messages across accounts, but not all of them, just few select ones, like WM_COPYDATA, etc., see in MSDN.

This first appeared in Vista, the limitation does not exist in XP.
Vitaly Tomilov 24-Jun-12 17:09pm View
Doh! Posted at the same time :) Good, +5 ;)
Vitaly Tomilov 24-Jun-12 6:36am View
Correction: COM format wasn't that ideal for a boot loader, because of the starting address in the beginning that it came with. When I tried to use it as boot loader, I found it wasn't easier than EXE, for you just need to specify the exact starting address and size of the block to write into the boot, which made no difference between COM and EXE. Oh, those days with assembler :) COM Format.
P.S. This is just for fun :)
Vitaly Tomilov 24-Jun-12 5:48am View
One only wonders - what does it have to do with writing an OS or EXE header, which was asked?
Vitaly Tomilov 24-Jun-12 5:02am View
He asked "Does anybody know of a program or server". And I gave a few. What's the problem?
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Jun-12 19:02pm View
Here we help with technical issues, not do your job for you.
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Jun-12 18:54pm View
I would suggest to start with simple data compression in Access, menu Tools, but the proposed solution is comprehensive, in case the compression doesn't help.
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Jun-12 13:54pm View
The fastest way to do this is by using REP MOVESB. The following blog may help: REP MOVESB
Vitaly Tomilov 23-Jun-12 10:09am View
Irrelevant to C++.
Vitaly Tomilov 22-Jun-12 20:17pm View
Sorry, but I'm under impression you do not understand what word implementation means in programming. In that case read the meaning of function declaration vs implementation vs invocation. There is no implementation in your code for that method.
Vitaly Tomilov 22-Jun-12 19:46pm View
What did you implement? You did not implement WriteToFile(void)! You just call the method that HAS NO IMPLEMENTATION. Read your own code, please!
Vitaly Tomilov 22-Jun-12 14:39pm View
What exactly is the error that you are getting?
Vitaly Tomilov 22-Jun-12 11:30am View
In addition to this, I'd suggest that after you have applied obfuscation, see how this affects tools like this one:
Vitaly Tomilov 22-Jun-12 9:50am View
The term obfuscate in programming refers to messing up non-binary code only. There is not such thing as binary code obfuscation. You need to search for Anti-Debugging tools and methods instead.
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Jun-12 13:16pm View
The question needs to be reported, it doesn't makes sense in its current form.
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Jun-12 13:11pm View
Inline assembler inserts are widely supported, which gives you direct access to the overflow flag.
Vitaly Tomilov 13-Jun-12 18:36pm View
1. Switch the lights off;
2. Switch the torch on;
3. Connect your webcam;
4. Switch the torch off;
5. Switch the lights back on.

Gives you a lot more thrill if you don't bother with the light at all, and do it the neighbor's house with a mask on ;)

P.S. As for C++,...not sure what this got to do with anything...
Vitaly Tomilov 13-Jun-12 18:30pm View
Ok, so your DLL is 32-bit. But is your Win 7 64-bit or 32-bit?
Vitaly Tomilov 11-Jun-12 13:10pm View
Is the form a modal dialog box? There are some issues invoking a modal dialog from a COM library, which results in a lock, if you invoke a UI-thread object from a non-UI COM thread.
Vitaly Tomilov 10-Jun-12 17:14pm View
How is it that it doesn't work? What is going on exactly?

Sounds like something that needs to be handled on the client side, which means you can see what;s going on via the browser debugger, such as FireBug, for instance.