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Member 13863747 1-Aug-18 22:57pm View
Currently have no backend at all. Just all front end code
Member 13863747 21-Jun-18 5:17am View
oh ok that make sense one last thing im not too sure why i cant remove the quotation marks from the buttons
Member 13863747 21-Jun-18 5:11am View
That worked perfectly but may i ask because i'm getting this example of button from stack so im not sure how this guy set the amount of word he want to show
Member 13863747 19-Jun-18 3:37am View
Still no luck here is my JSFiddle please take a look
Member 13863747 19-Jun-18 3:13am View
I have updated the codes.
Member 13863747 19-Jun-18 3:07am View
I tried to implement it on my current codes but im not sure if it doesn't work for me or im implementing it wrongly.
Member 13863747 18-Jun-18 2:30am View
I added but it looks like this
Member 13863747 18-Jun-18 2:23am View
Thanks for the post but sorry i slightly changed my code and i tried you method it doesn't work can you take a look at my new codes?
Member 13863747 13-Jun-18 6:07am View
Wow thanks that worked really appreciate it!
Member 13863747 13-Jun-18 5:52am View
Thanks Chirag Sudra that worked but do you know why when ever i repeat the process of move the value back and forth there is blank spaces in between the row?