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Sifeziwe Mpanza 31-Jul-18 2:03am View    
The file I am trying to add is an annual report
Sifeziwe Mpanza 31-Jul-18 2:03am View    
Thank you Graham, I will try that when I get the time today. A lot of other stuff has been dumped on me just this morning. The site is, it is visible
Sifeziwe Mpanza 30-Jul-18 9:29am View    
Trust me, this is exactly what I told my boss but he wants to cut costs by not hiring someone for it. And since I'm the "IT guy" in the office, he figured I could do it. Unfortunately he is the type that does not take excuses. So since I'm new and still an intern, I pretty much have to kiss ass and play nice.
I have done something like this before on a school project, using FileZilla but it was not for a full website and I knew where everything was. I thought that since I've done something similar in the past, I'd be able to do this.

So there is no standard structure for website files? Like, if the website was handed over to a new service provider (which is the case here), can they not just go to a particular directory where they will know for sure that the home page (at the very least) is there?
Come on, there has to be some guidance you can give me.

The best I can do here is maybe upload some screeshots, if that will help in any way.
Sifeziwe Mpanza 12-Jun-18 6:40am View    
Again, thank you very much for your insight
Sifeziwe Mpanza 11-Jun-18 10:28am View    
Thank you very much Jochen, you have really shed a bit of light here. Just one more thing: is it ok to use the Express versions of these MS programs or would I need the full versions? I saw on the MS website that there is an Express version of SQL Server with advanced capabilities. It looks like it has all I will need but I still want to be extra sure before I start downloading it