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Member 13867163 4-Sep-18 2:31am View
Please provide your data and what do you want to do
Member 13867163 14-Aug-18 7:44am View
Thank you so much it is clear
Member 13867163 9-Aug-18 6:22am View
I would like to know whether both do the same work or any other features by using the dbo.tally table.
Member 13867163 9-Aug-18 6:19am View
i put it in comment ignore that
awaiting your reply
Member 13867163 1-Aug-18 0:12am View
Great Thank you so much
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 6:42am View
this is working fine but is there any other solution for the above.
because if it is two columns then no problem, many columns takes much time for on conditions..
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 5:51am View
Thank you
this works fine
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 5:22am View
If I take Sno=1 then I get unique records ignoring duplicates

If I take Sno>1 then I get the records which having duplicates (in this case, A will come because it is having duplicates)

But what is needed is I want to get A name with how many times it is repeated like below.
Sno Sname Marks
1 A 10
2 A 10
remaining records dont want.
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 4:26am View
No this query producing unique records. But I want the result as below.
1 A 10
2 A 10
This should be my result
pls suggest
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 4:23am View
No what I mean to say is I have 3 ids are there in table1 I am joining with table 2
row by row base 3 ids in table1 is joined to table2 as below.

First id 1 having matches found 3 ids in table2 so the records are 3 rows.
second id 1 having match found 3 ids in table2 so the records are 3 rows
third id 1 having match found 3 ids in table2 so the records are 3 rows

So totol is 9 records.
But why it is giving 8 records.

Please suggest
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 3:11am View
Exactly. So my doubt is in First Table I have 3 Ids and in second table I have 3 Ids.
So 3X3=9 records should come. But while executing the query I am getting 8 records.
Member 13867163 26-Jul-18 2:54am View

Thank you for your reply.
My doubt here is the inner join result is giving 8 records as per my query.
my doubt is as per row by row joining it should be 9 records i think. why 8 records are given. any logic internally.

Please suggest