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Member 13926859 20-Aug-20 15:07pm View     CRLF i want when i click the first button the div class become col-md-9 and the second col-md-3
Member 13926859 16-Jun-20 8:51am View    
yes i m sure when i run http://localhost:28102/api/SuperAdmins it works but for the others it doesn t work i don t know why
Member 13926859 16-Jun-20 6:45am View    
how should i define the route i m new in asp core and i don t know how to do it
Member 13926859 1-Jun-19 20:12pm View    
a website that has movies like netflix but for free (streaming movies)
Member 13926859 27-Jul-18 5:49am View    
thank you the probleme is in the secend one but how can i fixe it i am beguiner in android i am sorry