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Leonardo Paneque 17-Nov-14 12:03pm View
Then go and debug the Submit_Click method until you find what the issue is.
Leonardo Paneque 17-Nov-14 11:55am View
After you updated the data, have you tried Databinding the gridview again to refresh the data?
Also, is it updating the database, just not showing the updates to the user or nothing happends on the database?
Leonardo Paneque 23-Dec-13 12:15pm View
Dont know about delta compression, but a few things will do what you want.
1) a distributed hashtable with 'redudancy' parameter set to N (N is the number of nodes) so each node will have everything.
2) something like Couchbase or a memcached API
The reason why you have a hard time finding something like this, is because nobody wants to replicate everything N times. even couchbase and memcached are DHTs-likes.

they will also work faster than if you replicate all the data all the time.
Leonardo Paneque 23-Dec-13 11:13am View
I dont understand what you mean by "sql-like".

appFabric is not sql-like (no matter what that is :) ), its a cache mechanism. It might store in sql in the backend, but again, is not SQL-like. You can even use it without sql at all.

If you want "distributed memory" you can use a distributed hashtable and modify the redundancy parameter. that's it :) of course at that time it will be behave more like a 'replicated hashtable' than a distributed one.

Leonardo Paneque 22-Dec-13 14:34pm View
Of course it exists.
First, it is easy to modify a distributed hashtable to not split across all nodes but just replicate across them.

But also you might want to try distributed cache. Microsoft AppFabric will do that.(was called Velocity time ago).
Leonardo Paneque 15-Jan-13 0:15am View"

it says "The library can be used in any .NET 2.0 Windows Application, ASP.NET Web application or Windows Mobile device application."

also says and shows it at
Leonardo Paneque 14-Jan-13 0:06am View
according to the author, yes, it will..
Leonardo Paneque 5-Nov-12 16:15pm View
thanks! :)
Leonardo Paneque 21-May-12 12:34pm View
Leonardo Paneque 18-May-12 14:41pm View
well it can't be contained by 2 paretns, but you might want to render same thing 2 times (like the windows 7 preview for example :) )
Leonardo Paneque 15-May-12 12:49pm View
sorry but there is no relationship between having or not the app config and starting/stopping the service. the host.Open() starts it, the host.Close() shuts it down. How you set the service up either from app.config or manually from code is not relevant to that.
Leonardo Paneque 10-May-12 16:56pm View
I agree with you, but the answer was about to find the error on the string. :) but yes, he should NOT be using strings for that..
Leonardo Paneque 10-May-12 15:48pm View
Can you paste the code in you aspx, with telerik there is always something going on with some property :)
Leonardo Paneque 10-May-12 15:12pm View
that's not parallel, that just in a different thread.
Leonardo Paneque 10-May-12 11:29am View runs on the web server and windows mobile 5.0 will run on the device. so. from WHERE you want to send the email? from the device or from a server?
Leonardo Paneque 10-May-12 11:26am View
First of all you can google a bit about it, but also, you at least need to specify which barcode format you need to read :), let say BC39 or PDFXXX or something.
Leonardo Paneque 1-May-12 13:31pm View
the code I posted was actually done and it was running, so if you can, copy and paste part of your code, it has to be something else, because that works that way. as I said, I think you are doing something else on the page or the header. :)
Leonardo Paneque 30-Apr-12 15:27pm View
wow that could cause an stack overflow... :)
Leonardo Paneque 25-Apr-12 21:47pm View
is what I said, you need to use Parallel.For :) btw, Matcom, UH? same as me. :)
just avoid shared/static variables as much as you can, in a few words, you need to re-design the algorithm for parallel if is not obvious.
Leonardo Paneque 25-Apr-12 9:50am View
just update the regular expression to something that DOES NOT ends with .aspx, so your regular pages will work and only things with /something will go to yourshopage.aspx?shopname=something. :)
Leonardo Paneque 25-Apr-12 9:29am View
dont forget to mark it as answer if it solves your problem, or place a comment if something is wrong with it. thanks! :)
Leonardo Paneque 23-Apr-12 12:39pm View
SetPixel is way too slow... :)
Leonardo Paneque 23-Apr-12 12:30pm View
is on the web, not windows forms nor android...
Leonardo Paneque 18-Apr-12 17:58pm View
notice that you should use TotalDays, otherwise it can return 1.5 days :), dont know if a fractional value would be good for them. :)
Leonardo Paneque 23-Nov-11 23:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
good hint.

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