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EngAb1989 11-Feb-21 5:19am View    
I did but I have not received answer yet, therefore, I posted here in case any one can help with that
EngAb1989 23-Jan-21 21:42pm View    
x and y are the dimensions of the array
x and y together are like numpy array with size 521*420..each single value refers to stored longitude and latitude value
EngAb1989 7-Jan-21 16:01pm View    
Are you still interested to solve this issue ? I have a hint from someone, but I could not solve the issue!
EngAb1989 7-Jan-21 10:28am View    
Yes the file is available. However, I will reformulate the question now because I could read the file, but now I need to iterate inside the directory to read all files.
EngAb1989 13-Nov-20 9:30am View    
If you look carefully at the code, you will see the auth data (user name and password) are given, I have not written them correctly here for privacy reasons.