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Member 13999828 4-Apr-19 10:49am View
MovieMaker is an App. I was asking about a way this can be achieved programatically?
Member 13999828 3-Apr-19 10:30am View
If the process is a console application or does not have a message queue, WaitForInputIdle returns immediately. That is exactly what i found with Chrome and most other Apps.
get Googlin
Member 13999828 3-Apr-19 9:54am View
None of what you say is helpful.
But thanks anyhow
Member 13999828 3-Apr-19 9:46am View
Thank you for your informative input.
Member 13999828 10-Oct-18 4:59am View
I am a little bit perplexed by this:

I can insert the control fine, but from there on the instructions don't work for me. The following:

6: Right click to control and select Add Variable

7: Enter m_MediaPlayer (or whatever you want) as the control variable without changing any other property

8: This will add a ocx1.h and a ocx1.cpp to the project , and #include "ocx1.h" is also added to main dialog.

is unclear.

a) Right click on the control or the dialog itself?
b) What type is m_MediaPlayer ?
c) the ocx1 header and source files do not get added in mine.

When I follow the above steps, all that is added to my files is a variable m_MediaPlayer of type COCX.
Type COCX is subsequently unrecognised by the compiler.

Please help.

BW, Rez.