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Comments by Viken Patel (Top 4 by date)

Viken Patel 27-Jan-20 4:07am View
i know that that was old post , i am looking for modern solution if some one knows that without changing any idl file because on every build up , has to perform those operation , i am looking for better solution sir @Chill60
Viken Patel 1-Jan-20 0:29am View
yes but i want to create dll which can be called from other machine also i am looking for that solution , if i create dll in COMPUTER A using either vb6 or c# application, which can be called from COMPUTER B.
Viken Patel 28-Dec-19 1:50am View
yes thanks this worked for me. all i used one function to test but can you let me know what if there is other dependency, then how it can be resolved ?
Viken Patel 27-Dec-19 7:58am View
tried this application also , getting same error , also tried changing target x86/x64/Any CPU for this application also but same result.