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Member 14019423 21-Jan-21 16:12pm View
How do I implement the following formula on the entire excel sheet for column a and B with equal spacing

="Tag #"&INDIRECT("'Tag Info'!N"&CELL("row",A42)/21+1)

After spacing 64 row ="Tag #"&INDIRECT("'Tag Info'!N"&CELL("row",A1008)/21+1)

How to implement to the entire sheet?
Member 14019423 20-Jan-21 15:50pm View
Yes I have tried various things however the information keeps shifting downwards as the print page preview moves from page 1 to 2 to 4 and so on
Member 14019423 20-Jan-21 15:08pm View
I have 2 columns A and b information of 500 rows