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Comments by W.G.C. (Top 5 by date)

W.G.C. 1-Sep-19 14:05pm View
At a glance, the code itself appears to be correct; the error is likely in the query.
Try adding code to the outer catch to show what the actual error is.
W.G.C. 10-Mar-19 17:54pm View
If the application is running locally and does not have its own security management system, then there is no way for the computer to know what that user should and should not be able to do. At some level, the user needs the appropriate permissions on the system to accomplish what is being done. Another option would be to run the 'application' as an API-based service and make calls to that API.
W.G.C. 30-Dec-18 16:45pm View
What is not working about it?
W.G.C. 17-Nov-18 20:36pm View
You should use the TaskbarManager class as shown in the link below.
W.G.C. 6-Nov-18 22:55pm View
Can you post one of the URLs that are generated by the code?