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Member 14114251 20-Jun-19 5:51am View
Thanks yes I changed am sorted now.
Member 14114251 20-Jun-19 5:38am View
Thanks for your response, however my challenge that I have is the below error
The select list for the INSERT statement contains fewer items than the insert list. The number of SELECT values must match the number of INSERT columns.
Member 14114251 20-Mar-19 5:51am View
Both my parameters are datetimes not NVARCHAR if you check well and also on the database the data type for this field is a datetime not NVARCHAR so am comparing strings.
Member 14114251 4-Mar-19 9:11am View
Can please assist in modifying this query the challenge am working on some's application and its currently on the production and am new in sql can you help me please to fix this.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Member 14114251 27-Feb-19 8:54am View
Thanks for your explanation although I think there something that I didn't clarify correctly the value that is capture on the form is not a like this R12.10 its like 12.10 the R is add on the form by the code to viewed on the form when the use want to check or to verify the information.
what I want to be assisted on is to check if is the any way to manipulate the validation method so that it can allow me to insert or update the values like 12.10 on the table not text and not to increment the value when am updating other values.