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Comments by Kevin Marois (Top 111 by date)

Kevin Marois 31-Jan-23 17:27pm View    
Got it, thanks
Kevin Marois 31-Jan-23 17:17pm View    
So if a user starts the installer, it could still run under the System Account?
Kevin Marois 31-Jan-23 16:46pm View    
Thanks Dave
Kevin Marois 9-Dec-22 13:36pm View    

I can't seem to get the Pre-Build version number. Do you know of a way to get this?
Kevin Marois 18-Sep-19 12:49pm View    
First, can you post your config file? Are you sure that there is an app setting called 'FiletextPath'

Next, break down this line into two

string[] lineOfContents = File.ReadAllLines(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FiletextPath"]);

so that it becomes

var path = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FiletextPath"]
string[] lineOfContents = File.ReadAllLines(path);

Then see which line throws the error.