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Member 14161770 15-May-19 3:12am View    
1) The input values it is actually using. Not the values in the "a, b, and c" files, or the values in the DB, but the actual values the app is using to create the file "d".- I tried finding out this, but failed as the file conatians values as i mentioned above
2) How it combines those values to produce a file. - the command used is :sprintf (buff, "cat %s >> %s",
file_a, file_d);
3) The output values it actually generates.
4) The output values you expect "d" to contain.
3 & 4 - some are correct and fileds are coming -ve randomly
Member 14161770 6-May-19 3:20am View    
Our host runs on IBM mainframe, which need data in the same format :P
Member 14161770 17-Apr-19 0:13am View    
I completely understand your concern. I found out the line causing seg.fault and it shows Cannot access memory at address 0x0 which means it refers to NULL value. digging why it happens because I know that we have the data to print
Member 14161770 16-Apr-19 8:25am View    
Ok. Let me explain it in detail
Suppose there are 3 customers details which the query fetches to print on screen
the data is presrent in a linked list
A while loop checks for the!=NULL
and then prints the data.
the ll should move to the next record once it prints the details of current record and it moves.
I am able to print the next record also where it does link=link->next
but when it comes to a point to check whether the data is not null it throws seg fault
I repeat, for the 1st cust. it prints details successfully. for the next record, it throws seg.fault
Member 14161770 16-Apr-19 1:05am View    
When i am running it in debug mode, its getting values, but throwing seg.fault once it completes the while loop to fetch values