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dileep Perumbavoor 23-Sep-15 4:25am View
For Convert byte array to BitmapImage:I am getting catastrophic failure
dileep Perumbavoor 5-Nov-14 7:13am View
I tried this example to display the image as in the article
and mouse movement as in
then trying reach the answer to the question
dileep Perumbavoor 6-Nov-13 23:03pm View
Dear Richard,
The intention is when text file some.txt is double clicked and opened & Ctrl+P print is given I want to hook print dialogs ok/Print button click (Since it is not getting for other application like WinWORD ..) So I tried to hook StartDoc . Hooking SartDoc is possible all application like winword,execel, AdobeAcrobat Reader, Notepad, WritePad The sample Itried to hook obtained from
dileep Perumbavoor 5-Aug-13 0:45am View
We need need Printer specific , But the general solution suitable to the printer it also needed.

The aim when notepade, winword.exe ctrl+p (print is given print dialog box is poped up then it OK) ou application gets notified for the CUPS Printer shared through internet.

The printer port is like this
dileep Perumbavoor 5-Aug-13 0:41am View
Ans Q1& Q2
Printer is not in our building , May be in US (client office) office in India Printer
address may be like
Ans Q3 Yes the software is installed in the client machine (our machine ) CUPS Inter net printer at very distant plaqce connected by internet.