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Member 14169626 31-May-20 15:13pm View
Thanks a lot.
The solution could not be used because the error table character is 1. It was without asnotracking
Member 14169626 31-May-20 14:36pm View
If I uninstall asnotracking i get this error "An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException' occurred in EntityFramework.dll Additional information: Validation failed for one or more entities. See 'EntityValidationErrors' property for more details."
Member 14169626 30-May-20 8:26am View
hello I am getting the above query as ids. And I want to update this query according to the values ​​with the ids value. For example, the ids value gives many values.If it is id I say update.I did it, but despite doing savechanges and updating the value, it does not save it to the database.
Member 14169626 29-May-20 15:21pm View
var ıds quers id give id.You kept it as a list.(List<int> idsToUpdate).Do you want me to keep the query as a list.So those id values ​​aren't that much. There can be more than one id.
Member 14169626 29-May-20 15:03pm View
Hello id value variable.So var ids table we take the table columns.The list is not fixed as you show.How do I keep the query in the list
Member 14169626 28-May-20 6:21am View
Thank you
Member 14169626 15-Jan-20 15:16pm View
How do I make it blank when I add a new row?I want to A2,B2 A3,B3 .... A9,B9 write.

B2:a1 (a1:5) So, Value1:5
Member 14169626 15-Jan-20 14:38pm View
8 rows 2 columns datatable.And set value.
Member 14169626 15-Jan-20 13:27pm View
Col 1 Col2

Row 1 Tshirt 5

Row 2 Short 10

Row 3


Row 8 Shoes 6
Member 14169626 14-Jan-20 23:10pm View
I want to count:5
Member 14169626 14-Jan-20 14:35pm View
But not 0. I want to first row title.Second row column 1 is count: column2 is 5
Member 14169626 12-Jan-20 14:51pm View
hello actually the process is correct, but I want to take 4 according to the value of the column c s to add the column c s.
So if the value of xxx is 4 in the second table xxx is 4 and I want to find the value of xxx in the second query.
Member 14169626 6-Jan-20 14:50pm View
necessarily return value. So how do I?
Member 14169626 17-Dec-19 23:18pm View
one by one.
every time I add it, it adds the same one I added
Member 14169626 17-Dec-19 14:15pm View
why I double-lost in the query I made him I want to add as 1 2 3
Member 14169626 24-Oct-19 3:25am View
I searched but I dont done.
Member 14169626 22-Oct-19 1:23am View
I want to convert to var to datatable.How to convert.
Member 14169626 14-Oct-19 3:49am View
no image with no name which one is different which one you want to check it
Member 14169626 6-Oct-19 2:38am View
sorry question is uptated c. lambda expression x=> like to write the query.
But I don't know the distinct and combination of the two tables
Member 14169626 24-Sep-19 16:00pm View
I've been trying to do it with my research from the internet.
Member 14169626 8-Sep-19 1:44am View
yes thank you for your help. I just want to check for regex usage and for later use.
Member 14169626 31-Aug-19 4:33am View
I am not ready for data binding, so I ask how to connect.
Member 14169626 25-Aug-19 17:17pm View
private void CheckBox_Checked_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
CheckBox check = sender as CheckBox;
textBox.Text = Visibility.Visible.ToString(); // this line is dont run.


I dont done visibility visible
Member 14169626 25-Aug-19 15:03pm View
to summarize, I want to find the differences of the name fields in the two tables and print the differences with the message box
Member 14169626 25-Aug-19 11:15am View
Code First
Member 14169626 25-Aug-19 5:42am View
Thank you for your help.
Member 14169626 25-Aug-19 2:17am View
Hello there.Incorrectly defined.I corrected name2.I want to compare two names with the same values ​​from a different table.