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Member 14335464 18-Oct-21 15:59pm View
Thank you Gerry. I had already "searched', and quite a bit at that. What you point to is one approach which I had already looked at.
The issue I was having - and I believe it is well stated in the opening paragraph of my question - is rather "how to get to the mesh from a GeometryModel3D". Turns out that each GeometryModel3D is made of several Geometry3D components, for each of which I can access the mesh. So I found that I have to loop through the GeometryModel3D.Items one by one, extract the mesh, positions, normals, and inspect for intersection. This is now working.

As for Bounds, it is nice for sure, but it describes a box aligned with XYZ and this is often not in the orientation required to correctly detect an intersection.
Member 14335464 17-Oct-21 17:41pm View
Hi Gerry: you can guess from my question that I am not very fluent with all this which is why I am asking knowledgeable people. If the Model3D is not the correct place where to extract the mesh, where should I look then ?
Member 14335464 6-Jan-21 15:00pm View
Good day Gerry - thank you for the reply. Could you expand on this a bit ? I am not sure I see where and how to use this transparent rectangle shape. Claude