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Avtem 7-Dec-20 7:57am View
But that is the point of my question. i wanted to define the variable only once and use it in all files. But i like the way you propose to achieve result i need.
Avtem 6-Dec-20 13:56pm View
Thank you for pointing that out. Definitely something i have to work on)
Avtem 6-Dec-20 13:33pm View
Oh, it's interesting! i need to expand my knowledge about c++ in this direction)
Thank you very much for your answer!
Avtem 26-Oct-20 13:16pm View
All my windows are set to "Auto-hide". So when i press ESC, it focuses the text editor and hides all windows (if it does not contain a mouse cursor).
Basically what i want - press the ESC key and it focuses text editor and hides other windows
Avtem 22-Oct-20 11:21am View
"You can define it in the Project Properties" Yes, i knew that, it is written in my original post. And the second way CPallini pointed out a few minutes ago. But thank you for your answer!
Avtem 22-Oct-20 11:00am View
Oh, so i see now. Thank you for your answer.
Well, it's great that we can set UNICODE macro this way=)
The link was very useful as well!
Avtem 20-Sep-20 0:21am View
Thank you for your answer! That's a great improvement to the code! i really like it.
Avtem 20-Sep-20 0:13am View
Thank you for the answer! i will consider this solution for the future.
Avtem 19-Sep-20 13:48pm View
Yes, it's a bit strange to see such answer when it was all understood and fixed.
Avtem 19-Sep-20 12:32pm View
And i've just read that amount of GDI objects is limited, so it seems like my program was allowed to create only 9989 brushes =)
By the way, what it was deleting all the time? If it was deleting stock objects, then it should recreate them somehow...
Avtem 19-Sep-20 12:17pm View
Oh, that's it! i know that i have to release and delete everything with GDI, but i missed up those lines!
So, i fixed it like this:
"FillRgn(hdc, hrgnClip, hGlobalBrush);"
and of course the call "DeleteObject()" is no longer needed, but i do remember to delete "hGlobalBrush" at WM_DESTROY.

Thank you so much!
Avtem 19-Sep-20 12:09pm View
But it changes the arrays, you can see that in the screenshot