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Comments by Vali Maties (Top 12 by date)

Vali Maties 28-Sep-20 9:06am View    
Exactly... ok... I will try this BackgroundWorker version...
Vali Maties 28-Sep-20 9:01am View     CRLF
Where is called `CountTotalMissingElements` ? Probably in constructor, after `_missingElementsWorker.RunWorkerCompleted += MissingElementsCounted;` ?
Vali Maties 25-Sep-20 15:25pm View     CRLF
Ok. That "interlock" made my day :D I made some research (I'm not so experimented programmer in C#) and I learned how to use Interlock.Add()! Thank you Gerry!
Vali Maties 25-Sep-20 14:02pm View     CRLF
Ok. I made this test. The console text I've copied to a csv and imported, sorted and compared in OpenOffice SCalc. Seems data is ok, but the result was different. Practically, `TotalMissingElements += result;` is not doing what it should! Why? What I have to do in this case? BTW: What means "interlock shared variables"? :)
Vali Maties 12-Mar-20 6:22am View    
Maybe I have to make those custom properties of my dgv as public get-set properties with a default value and to be read from a settings file when form loads. I think this is the approach I have to follow.