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zara7 13-Aug-19 7:10am View
Thanks for responding, I have a complete code, just encountered an error, and sorry I wasn't specific about my question since it's my first time asking one. I think I have figured out the problem, I will try it again, but if it doesn't work again, then I will be more specific with my question again. Thanks
zara7 13-Aug-19 7:08am View
Sorry I didn't post a specific question. I just encountered an error in my code, but I have figured it out. Thanks
zara7 13-Aug-19 7:05am View
I am new here and was not asking you to do my homework for me (or write down the codes). Sorry I wasn't specific enough on the point I had an error in but I think I figured it out, if it still gives me an error, I will ask for help again with more specific question. Thanks to everyone for responding to my question, I appreciate