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I saw in internet that I can use

SQLGetInstalledDriversW ( LPWSTR lpszBuf,
WORD cbBufMax,
WORD * pcbBufOut

but I don't understand how use this function
yes But I don't know how I must inizialized lpszBuf, cbBufMax and pcbBufOut
yes driver ODBC
so Must I write :
if PathFileExists(_T("/S C:\mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.8-win32.msi");?
I saw in internet that I can use

SQLGetInstalledDriversW ( LPWSTR lpszBuf,
WORD cbBufMax,
WORD * pcbBufOut

but I don't understand how use this function
Member 14594285 13-Dec-21 9:52am View
I don't find article, I cancel my comment
Member 14594285 13-Dec-21 9:15am View

with this code works
Member 14594285 7-Dec-21 2:53am View
thanks I solved
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 12:26pm View

void CCReadQueryDlg::OnBnClickedButton3()
AfxMessageBox(L"dsfds", MB_OK);	

I have a button on the dialog and if I press box of AfxMessageBox is hidden
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 11:27am View
In fact I thought this
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 11:21am View
but I don't understand relation between Create and afxmessageBox
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 11:19am View
I found out that this code:
CRect rect1;
rect1.left = 250; = 10;
rect1.bottom = 530;
rect1.right = 1250;
m_pieChart.Create(L"", rect1, this, 1);
block afxMessageBox , if I remove this row ''m_pieChart.Create(L"", rect1, this, 1);''
I can see afxMessageBox
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 5:51am View
thanks, I used debug and breakpoint arrives in that point but then program is blocked
Member 14594285 6-Dec-21 5:20am View
I want to tell that my code doesn't execute this row of code:
Member 14594285 8-Oct-21 3:31am View
I wrote:
COleDateTime aa;
COleDateTime bb;
int t;
aa.SetDate(01, 02, 2021);
aa.SetTime(0, 0, 0);
bb.SetDate(02, 02, 2021);
bb.SetTime(0, 0, 0);


BOOL b1;
BOOL b2;
BOOL b3;
b1 = aa == bb; // TRUE
b2 = aa < bb; // FALSE
b3 = aa > bb; //FALSE

so values of b1,b2,b3 are incorrect
Member 14594285 7-Oct-21 12:04pm View
I must understand if date1 is later then an other, if I write date1>date2 it doesn't work.
Member 14594285 7-Oct-21 11:59am View
yes later, sorry..
Member 14594285 1-Sep-21 11:06am View
Ok thanks, now it works
Member 14594285 6-Aug-21 10:07am View
I found out that option topmost of the dialog is the cause, so, like I said before, it depended on option of dialog
Member 14594285 6-Aug-21 8:57am View
I know but I don't understand because I have this problem, maybe there is an option f dialog
Member 14594285 6-Aug-21 5:48am View
is there an option relative to the dialog where I decide if dialog is in the foreground?
Member 14594285 5-Aug-21 6:10am View
I understand but in my case it doesn't work, so I must find an alternative method
Member 14594285 5-Aug-21 5:55am View
for my dialog I mean
Member 14594285 5-Aug-21 5:55am View
bool b = this->GetForegroundWindow(), b is true, so how I can put false setForegroundWindow? For my dialog I mean
Member 14594285 5-Aug-21 5:28am View
ok, I hope this question is clear
Member 14594285 28-Jul-21 6:31am View
yes I know, but I need killFocus, I tried with your method but it isn't suited, I need kilLFous with key enter, thanks
Member 14594285 1-Dec-20 9:48am View
it's the same thing, I have grey and not blue
Member 14594285 27-Nov-20 2:37am View
ok, done
Member 14594285 6-Mar-20 11:08am View
or an other thing I think more simple..Can I calculate the max x size of my window when I maximize? in pixel
Member 14594285 24-Feb-20 8:29am View
I wrote: m_listbox.ModifyStyle(LVS_SINGLESEL, NULL, 0);

but if in resource I set singleselect I can't modifie..this row doesn't work
Member 14594285 24-Feb-20 8:16am View
yes but I want to do must I write?
Member 14594285 24-Feb-20 6:18am View
I used:
m_listbox.SelItemRange(TRUE, 0, m_listbox.GetCount());

but how must I write to set multiple selection?
Member 14594285 24-Feb-20 6:07am View
I use mfc c++
Member 14594285 7-Feb-20 8:56am View
ok thanks, so it isn't possible, thanks
Member 14594285 7-Feb-20 8:17am View
I have a parent dialog e when I click a pushbutton an other dialog problem is that the last dialog is fixed, I can't move there a setting that permit me to move it?
Member 14594285 7-Feb-20 5:28am View
my dialog is fixed, it doesn't be Can I do?
Member 14594285 7-Feb-20 5:13am View
but I want that my dialog move when I move mouse
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 12:04pm View
so CEvent a = OnKeyDown? I don't understand..sorry but it's the first time for me
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 6:13am View
I solved, thanks
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 5:00am View
sorry..timer of 3402 starts but timer of 3401 doesn't start
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 4:58am View
I didn't say that setTimer(3401) is inside function of setTimer(3402);
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 4:57am View
it doesn't work..timer for 3402 doesn't start
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 4:57am View's strange because if I use a time of 3401 bigger then time of 3402 program dooesn't work
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 3:25am View
I wrote:

for (int i = 0; i <= 20; i++)

WaitForSingleObject(OnKeyDown, 100);

but I have errors
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 2:54am View
How must I do? Can I see an example?
Member 14594285 6-Feb-20 2:53am View
How must I do? Can I see an example?
Member 14594285 5-Feb-20 12:08pm View
mmmm..I saw documentation but it isn't very clear, so in setEvent I can put keyDown event like event that wakes program? Help
Member 14594285 5-Feb-20 4:06am View
yes, in fact now it works for CEdit...but if I want only the string that go head?
Member 14594285 5-Feb-20 3:55am View
yes, I want to use multiline, and if I want use it only for the string? how must I do?
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 12:01pm View
yes, but I need to move tip inside button
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 10:42am View
I solved, I used pretranslate message, but If I want to show tip inside button?
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 10:41am View
I solved..I wrote:

BOOL CMFCApplication22Dlg::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
return CDialog::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 8:27am View
it isn't that
Member 14594285 3-Feb-20 8:27am View
so I must do a subclass?? it's so longer
Member 14594285 29-Jan-20 5:01am View
I solved in an other way, always using getPosition and seek, thanks anyway
Member 14594285 26-Nov-19 6:23am View
I have:
const char *encodings[]= {
}; //stringhe dei titoli per ogni griglia

HPDF_Page_ShowText(page, encodings[i]);

but if I have a buffer of CString that I want put inside my list?
I saw this example:
Member 14594285 22-Nov-19 5:49am View
thanks I solved
Member 14594285 19-Nov-19 3:13am View
I tried to use c but it's the same, image isn't loaded
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 11:56am View
so m_timeend.ModifyStyle(0, DTS_RIGHTALIGN) works? it's strange, I see that it doesn't work, I have align on left and not on right, can I see a photo?
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 11:08am View
I tried also:
m_timeend.ModifyStyle(0, DTS_RIGHTALIGN);
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 9:27am View
m_timeend.Create(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | DTS_RIGHTALIGN,CRect(10, 10, 200, 35),this, IDC_TIMEEND);

but it doesn't work
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 6:06am View
I solved
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 5:12am View
in that it used a derived class, but I want to know if I wrote fine
Member 14594285 14-Nov-19 5:06am View
I used debug and it pass for it..I don't understand
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 12:23pm View
thanks a lot, I solved
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 12:23pm View
thanks a lot, I solved
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 11:30am View
I wote:
void contare(vector<string> words)

ifstream ifile("C:\\Users\\Mio\\Desktop\\ciao.txt");

string word;

while(ifile >> word)


int main()
vector<string> words;


but it doesn't works when I pass wors to contare
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 11:03am View
yes but in this way I write always in a string, I wanto yo write only a word in vw[0], vw[1]...ecc..
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 10:54am View
in my file there is written:
"ciao ciao ciao"

program prints only "c"
Member 14594285 28-Oct-19 3:24am View
what is "w"? when you write:
const auto & w : vw
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 11:14am View
now it works, thanks
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 11:13am View
my code it's the same of your and my result is 0.00, I don't see differences
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 11:04am View
rend.Format(_T("%.2f", 46.71438243077313));
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 10:56am View
my result is always 0.00
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 10:07am View
the result is 0.00
Member 14594285 21-Oct-19 9:58am View
it doesn't work
Member 14594285 18-Oct-19 5:34am View
yes but with join I select all rows that have a correspondence, I want only a specific raw
Member 14594285 17-Oct-19 11:17am View
it doesn't work
Member 14594285 17-Oct-19 8:51am View
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 11:55am View
maybe I understood, in my data_scanner there is also hour, I want to remove hour..maybe it's the problem, with hour there are datas all different
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 11:47am View
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 11:35am View
now query works, but a question, when I write code to write my results in a list, I write:
recordset.GetFieldValue(_T("data_scanner"), dtScanner);
recordset.GetFieldValue(_T("somma"), lPezzi);
pLst->SetItemText(nProdotti, 1, strDataScanner);

but there isn't group by data..there is only list of dates
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 10:46am View
now I removed space after SUM and there is an other error, "impossibile trovare l'oggetto desiderato"
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 10:38am View
I wrote only this to try:
strQuery = _T( "SELECT SUM (pel_pezzi), data_scanner FROM PRODOTTI GROUP BY PRODOTTI.data_scanner ");
but it doesn't wotk, it says that in my database there the column SUM, I don't understand
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 10:30am View
but it doesn't work, there is an error in my sintax
Member 14594285 11-Oct-19 10:29am View
I wrote:
strQuery = _T( "SELECT SUM (pel_pezzi) FROM PRODOTTI GROUP BY PRODOTTI.data_scanner");
if (CFG->m_bDataScanner)
strQuery.Append(bWhere ? _T("AND ") : _T("WHERE "));
strQuery.AppendFormat(_T("PRODOTTI.pel_data_scanner BETWEEN '%04ld-%02ld-%02ld %02ld:%02ld:%02ld' AND '%04ld-%02ld-%02ld %02ld:%02ld:%02ld'"),
CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetYear(), CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetMonth(), CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetDay(), CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetHour(), CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetMinute(), CFG->m_dtScannerIni.GetSecond(),
CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetYear(), CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetMonth(), CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetDay(), CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetHour(), CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetMinute(), CFG->m_dtScannerFin.GetSecond());
bWhere = TRUE;
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 12:07pm View
yes I read about locale identifier, and it says that it's about language used
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 8:45am View
I have already my dialog, it's static, id of my child dialog is IDCANCEL
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 8:26am View
It doesn't work
I wrote in parent dialog:

CString str = _T("Test");
MyDlg2* pChildDlg = new MyDlg2(this);
pChildDlg->Create(IDCANCEL, this);


//pChildDlg->SendMessage(UWM_CUSTOM, (WPARAM)&str, 0);
// Better
pChildDlg->PostMessage(UWM_CUSTOM, (WPARAM)&str, 0);
//dlg.DoModal();// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

in child dialog:

ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_BUTT_DIALOG, &MyDlg2::OnBnClickedButtDialog)

LRESULT MyDlg2::OnCustoma(WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam)
CString* pstr = (CString*)wparam;


return 0;

but it doesn't work
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 6:01am View
I wrote:
MyDlg2 * pChild = new MyDlg2;

pChild->SendMessage(UWM_CUSTOM, (WPARAM)&stra, 0);

but when I do debug there is an error
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 5:59am View
I tried but it doesn't work, my parent dialog has a button that when is clicked opens child dialog, I tried like you've wrote but it doesn't work
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 5:41am View
so I must write.
MyDlg * pChildDlg = new pChildDlg;

pChildDlg->SendMessage(UWM_CUSTOM, (WPARAM)&str, 0);
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 5:34am View
anyway I used ShowWindow(true) to show child dialog
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 5:31am View
what is pChildDlg?
Member 14594285 4-Oct-19 4:16am View
so with this function I have the language used?
Member 14594285 2-Oct-19 11:22am View column of database has a this case is "ope_id", how can I get the name of the column of database?
Member 14594285 20-Sep-19 11:27am View
i tried :

BOOL CMFCApplication7Dlg::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC)
MSG* pMsg = new MSG;
// TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
if (pMsg->message == WM_LBUTTONDOWN)
CRect rect;
CBrush myBrush(RGB(255, 255, 255)); // dialog background color
CBrush *pOld = pDC->SelectObject(&myBrush);
BOOL bRes = pDC->PatBlt(0, 0, rect.Width(), rect.Height(), PATCOPY);
pDC->SelectObject(pOld); // restore old brush
return bRes;
return CDialogEx::OnEraseBkgnd(pDC);

but it doesn't work..dialog open white before I click mouse
Member 14594285 20-Sep-19 11:22am View
I think I must write a similar thing:

BOOL CMFCApplication7Dlg::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC)
if (afx_msg == WM_MOUSEMOVE)
CRect rect;
CBrush myBrush(RGB(255, 255, 255)); // dialog background color
CBrush *pOld = pDC->SelectObject(&myBrush);
BOOL bRes = pDC->PatBlt(0, 0, rect.Width(), rect.Height(), PATCOPY);
pDC->SelectObject(pOld); // restore old brush
return bRes;
return CDialogEx::OnEraseBkgnd(pDC);

Can you help me?
Member 14594285 20-Sep-19 10:23am View
I mistake
Member 14594285 20-Sep-19 9:39am View
I solved, I didn't write cmfApplication::Display..
Member 14594285 20-Sep-19 5:33am View
I wrote my answers
Member 14594285 19-Sep-19 3:49am View
I solved
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 12:20pm View
yes, but I saw that there isn't a function like QTimer::SingleSlot()
this method it's longer
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 12:12pm View
Ok, link doesn't work
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 11:48am View
Sorry but I have problem with link
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 10:33am View
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 10:02am View
single slot sorry
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 9:40am View
when I click in the link it gave me an error
Member 14594285 18-Sep-19 6:16am View
thanks but I wanted an easier example because I'm a beginner..I wrote OnPaint in my derived class..and inside I want to write a code to change color of myu button
Member 14594285 17-Sep-19 11:19am View
I created a derived class from Cbutton, but if for example I want my button yellow, Must I use paint in my derived class?
Member 14594285 17-Sep-19 4:33am View
I solved, I used:
CButton *m_ctlCheck = (CButton*)GetDlgItem(IDC_CHECK1);

but I don't understand whats GetDlgItem do
Member 14594285 17-Sep-19 3:56am View
if ((check1.IsDlgButtonChecked==BST_CHECKED) || (check3.IsDlgButtonChecked==BST_CHECKED))
text_check.SetWindowText(_T("check_multipli"));// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

but it's the same thing