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Comments by Beginner_mfc (Top 6 by date)

Beginner_mfc 28-May-20 12:31pm View
With above code i am able to change bg color of CBS_DROPDOWN type combobox but not of CBS_DROPDOWNLIST type combobox .please tell
Beginner_mfc 16-Oct-19 4:24am View
I guess there is no dialog resource availabile for Cpropertysheet means .rc file is not used for styling it.So how can i switch off that feature
Beginner_mfc 16-Oct-19 4:09am View
I am talking about the icon present on top left corner of my property sheet.I drilled downed the Microsoft docs but unable to found anything there..
Beginner_mfc 12-Oct-19 4:17am View
Ok.Yeah but strange that we can't change a font style and size of caption
Beginner_mfc 11-Oct-19 5:19am View
Richard i am not ralking about dialogs font ,i am talking about title/caption font of dialog.Basically my requirement is make the title/caption of Dialog(derived) from CDialog Bold
Beginner_mfc 11-Oct-19 3:02am View
I have heard about owner draw,drawitem.onpaint but pretty much confused how to use ..Could you please share code snippet that can help me out