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jgakenhe 8-Dec-17 15:30pm View    
I used to send out a weekly project status report this way to a manager that was a real stickler. I scheduled it to run 1 minute before it was due, because I thought it was funny.
jgakenhe 8-Dec-17 15:10pm View    
If it were me, I'd use Windows Task Scheduler to run a job that executes a PowerShell script that sends an email. A quick Google "PowerShell email" will show you how to do that and then you just need to create a job in Task Scheduler.
jgakenhe 15-Nov-17 10:45am View    
It sounds like that he or she needs to write a function in c# to validate decimals to 2 places. A quick search should provide them the answer.
jgakenhe 3-Nov-17 15:44pm View    
Why install on 2 servers, why not just install the DBMS on one server and the Oracle client on the Windows 7 box? For instance, I have the Oracle database 11g on Windows 2003 and Oracle client on Windows 2012 for SSRS and Windows 2012 for an application services.
jgakenhe 21-Sep-17 8:09am View    
I updated it to center it horizontal and vertically. This should be close to what you need.