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Member 14623639 28-Mar-24 11:17am View    
Thanks for pointing out.
Member 14623639 28-Mar-24 10:23am View    
The code reaches Result = "Success"; without throwing any exception and I have also added a log log.Info($"Level 1 [{obj.Symbol}]: result changed: {Result}."); which logs Success and as you can see I'm using lvl1 = new Level1(); but still it shows Level 1 result 1 is null even after I get the log for Success.
Member 14623639 27-Oct-23 9:47am View    
I tried adding a break point on the variable at txtname.Text = name; and there I saw that name contains data so that the retrieval of the text is done here but textbox doesn't change it's value. I'm doing this in webform.
Member 14623639 1-Feb-23 4:53am View    
How will this affect my goal?
Member 14623639 31-Jan-23 8:31am View    
Yes. I will try to use more thread and also will work on my database code. Thank you so much.