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Stevey T 23-Jul-20 13:14pm View    
So I am having the same similar issue. I cloned my tfs project and ran it locally and it gives Me the same error/issue. Originally I wrote created my project locally and then placed it in a tfs project. It worked locally but now that I am using tfs its giving namespace errors for Optimization, BundleCollection, ASPNet,ScriptBundle and so on. How do I resolve this issue?
Stevey T 7-Nov-19 16:31pm View    
Sorry for my lack of communication, but I guess I deserved that stab in the foot or did I?

OK so let me re-word this, can anyone recommend and open source tool that I could use to customize in my solution? Not asking for anyone to search Google nor write the code for me. Just a recommendation on which tool may be better than the other.

I was reading the recommendations on how to response to questions in this forum.
Very Interesting :)
Stevey T 7-Nov-19 16:29pm View    
Thank you, I see that now. This my first time using this tool.