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Comments by Jiopik (Top 10 by date)

Jiopik 3-Jan-20 9:23am View
What is your time complexity?
Jiopik 3-Jan-20 3:14am View
I agree it would be over engineered if the n <= 10^4. But it's not. And maybe you had to see that even with such algorithm, the time limit still could not be passed. Any suggestion.
Jiopik 2-Jan-20 14:50pm View
I have provided it. Insead of going to segment trees. Is there a way to improve as it is now.
Jiopik 31-Dec-19 9:30am View
I can't see what I can do?
Jiopik 31-Dec-19 6:21am View
The problem is time limit error!
Jiopik 31-Dec-19 6:08am View this is the code.
Jiopik 30-Dec-19 6:05am View
Ok, I ll get back to you with some initial code, or I should all the solution, because that way I assume I know the complete solution, but I don't.
Jiopik 30-Dec-19 5:47am View
I really still in brainstorming phase, I don't know whether my approach is correct from first time, plus, I need to use structs. So, first I ll struct Clock, then create an array containing clocks? Right approach from beginning?
Jiopik 30-Dec-19 4:47am View
Hi, Yes, I solved both of them. If you want to see the code, I can provide a link.
Jiopik 30-Dec-19 2:59am View
What do you mean?