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Amarnath S 8-Apr-22 8:06am View
I got this formula document -, which contains a formula for the same using blending functions. Give it a try, while I will also try it. My Matlab knowledge is quite rusty, and I could not get it easily, because matrix dimensions caused a problem. Perhaps can do it easier in JavaScript.
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 20:51pm View
I got the formula from somewhere on the Internet. Will work on it today afternoon (India time) and let you know.
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 12:40pm View
Which book are you referring to? I referred to the Mortenson and Rogers & Adams books. Can you post the formulas as an image, somewhere.

If you send me a link to the formulas, I will find some time to work on it tomorrow afternoon (India time).
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 6:20am View
At a first glance, it looks like this line is incorrect

(((1-u(i)*(1-w(j))* A1))) - (((1-u(i)*(w(j))* C1))) - (((1-w(j)*(u(i))*D1))) - (((w(j)*(u(i))* B4)));
You have A1, C1, D1 and B4. Should they all not have the same index - All should be A1, C1, D1, B1, or all should be A4, etc.

If you have any reference to the formula for the Coons surface, check the coefficients one by one. In my reference, I have a different formula for the Coons surface, as shown in one of my articles -
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 2:47am View
What are your expected results?
Amarnath S 1-Apr-22 10:47am View
Looks like you have an extra closing bracket } just before the line http.send(data);

Just delete that } and check.
Amarnath S 20-Nov-20 10:10am View
Maybe the server is not started. Start the server and see. If you use VS Code, you can start the app using Live Server.
Amarnath S 3-May-20 21:38pm View
Check three things:
1. Whether your camera is pointing towards the triangle.
2. Whether you have defined the light.
3. Reorder the triangle vertices, as in {0, 2, 1}. The front face of the triangle may be away from the camera, this is to correct that.
Amarnath S 29-Sep-19 5:10am View
What is the issue?
Amarnath S 15-Aug-18 6:14am View
Try to run the same code outside of the timer code, say upon clicking of a button, and see if it works. Then add the complexity of Timer.
Amarnath S 24-Sep-15 5:15am View
Very briefly:
Library: A bunch of code having some common functionality. For example, the math library has functions related to math, like sin, cos, sqrt, etc. This may be in the form of dynamically link libraries (.dll), statically linked ones (.lib), shared objects (.so on Unix systems), etc.

makefile: A file specifying the order in which compilation and linking have to happen, and commands to create the final executable. And external dependencies.
Amarnath S 17-Sep-15 23:12pm View
The best way is to: Close your eyes and think through the solution. You'll have a working solution in not more than an hour.
Amarnath S 15-Sep-15 12:16pm View
Is your Professor not watching this post? Does he know that you consider his data structure as absurd?
Amarnath S 15-Jun-15 1:38am View
Not sure whether you can 'find' code somewhere for this specific problem.

You need to write the code. For that, should use SQL syntax.
Amarnath S 15-Jun-15 1:11am View
And, what have you tried so far?
Amarnath S 12-Jun-15 5:59am View
What will be my prize, if I win?
Amarnath S 12-Jun-15 5:29am View
Look at the Matlab SVM tutorials, and examples. Hopefully they have examples from the healthcare domain. Since you mention you are a research student, (the easy part of) your research will involve understanding these examples, and applying it on your features.
Amarnath S 7-Mar-15 11:10am View
When is the deadline for this assignment?
Amarnath S 1-Jan-14 9:04am View
If you want to go with C++, here is a fine book to read and understand - available at the Stanford website: - Go to the "TextBook PDF" link on that page. Bear in mind that this book is about problem solving using C++; and therefore not like any other standard textbook - in fact it is much better than those.
Amarnath S 1-Jan-14 8:59am View
Can you not debug and check?
Amarnath S 13-Aug-12 7:25am View
Just type "Steganography" in the CodeProject Search box, and you'll get 26 results, most of them with code.
Amarnath S 8-Aug-12 23:52pm View
Already answered in
Amarnath S 8-Aug-12 12:33pm View
If it were so easy to get into Google just by reading a book, ...
Amarnath S 8-Aug-12 12:29pm View
@CIDev, thanks. Somehow, I missed that star icon amidst all the contents of this page. I was looking for it at the top, and it is in the bottom.
Amarnath S 7-Aug-12 7:34am View
Is there a way to bookmark your solution? I'd like to bookmark it.
Amarnath S 19-Jul-12 0:15am View
Look at this example:
Amarnath S 18-Jul-12 23:52pm View
A quick search for "qt rubber band line" yields these results:

See also:

In the above, they have drawn a rectangle, you need to modify this to draw a line. Also make sure that you're painting the bitmap before drawing the line, so this gives the appearance that the line is drawn on the image. A similar method for drawing text.

To achieve a flicker-free performance, you need to do double-buffering:
Amarnath S 7-Jul-12 9:37am View
Though I can't tell you the exact function names in OpenGL, there are basically two functions you'll have to use:
1. Line function (two calls) - to draw two radial lines shown in your figure
2. Arc function - to draw the circular arc in your figure.

One thing still needs clarification - You mention that M is greater than N - this means that their meeting point is not at the centre of the arc. Have you got a mathematical formula for that point?
Amarnath S 3-Jul-12 13:08pm View
Thanks. Yes - I missed this out. Thanks for pointing.
Amarnath S 1-Jul-12 11:25am View
Work the other way round. Look at how the user uses the executable, and try to figure out how the code would have been written. Why knows, you may come up with a better, faster way of achieving the same result. Of course, it is quite a struggle; nothing ever happens without a struggle, isn't it?
Amarnath S 30-Jun-12 5:41am View
The procedure is very well explained on that site, and even has an example for an invalid NRIC number. Quite easy to convert to code. So, start thinking about the implementation.