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Amarnath S 16-Jan-23 0:43am View    
You can see some sample code on rolling a die, in this article of mine -
You can then modify this code to your requirements.
Amarnath S 8-Apr-22 8:06am View    
I got this formula document -, which contains a formula for the same using blending functions. Give it a try, while I will also try it. My Matlab knowledge is quite rusty, and I could not get it easily, because matrix dimensions caused a problem. Perhaps can do it easier in JavaScript.
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 20:51pm View    
I got the formula from somewhere on the Internet. Will work on it today afternoon (India time) and let you know.
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 12:40pm View    
Which book are you referring to? I referred to the Mortenson and Rogers & Adams books. Can you post the formulas as an image, somewhere.

If you send me a link to the formulas, I will find some time to work on it tomorrow afternoon (India time).
Amarnath S 7-Apr-22 6:20am View    
At a first glance, it looks like this line is incorrect

(((1-u(i)*(1-w(j))* A1))) - (((1-u(i)*(w(j))* C1))) - (((1-w(j)*(u(i))*D1))) - (((w(j)*(u(i))* B4)));
You have A1, C1, D1 and B4. Should they all not have the same index - All should be A1, C1, D1, B1, or all should be A4, etc.

If you have any reference to the formula for the Coons surface, check the coefficients one by one. In my reference, I have a different formula for the Coons surface, as shown in one of my articles -