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Comments by Valteris Eidukevicius (Top 10 by date)

Valteris Eidukevicius 27-Jun-20 19:17pm View    
Warnings are gone to, dont know why, how thing like amd cpu config are related?
Does setting configuration to Release has any influance when Releasing?

Still getting:
Error XDG0062 'Window' TargetType does not match type of element 'Window'.
Does not prevent program from compiling and runing, but designer does not work
Valteris Eidukevicius 27-Jun-20 19:12pm View    
I find that i made mistake in writing one of namespaces that seams thrown list of confusing errors with things that was ok, possibly because of first time compiling.
Valteris Eidukevicius 27-Jun-20 18:44pm View    
I created library using CustomControl library template with some useful styles and classes and plan to add more stuff later, when i link that library project directly everything works fine, but when i build and use nuget package of that library i cant find and use my classes from that library, and error i am getting is that namespaces of those classes does not exist
Valteris Eidukevicius 4-Feb-20 8:17am View    
Nope FirstOrDefoult() does not set Next to 0, left a mistake in code, anyway pasing copy works
Valteris Eidukevicius 4-Feb-20 8:03am View    
FirstOrDefault() sets iteration back to 0 and alow Peek to be used in this case