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João Henrique Braga 19-Apr-20 12:53pm View
But how can I distribute a dll with my application?
João Henrique Braga 19-Apr-20 11:59am View
But how could I do this within my application? because I don't want to make the user have to install an assignment more ...
João Henrique Braga 15-Apr-20 11:16am View
I got it, I could do it !! but if I did that, the treatment of projects would have to be exclusively within my application, correct? (the user will not have access to the file "teste.txt" (citing the example I gave) to be able to delete directly)
João Henrique Braga 15-Apr-20 11:14am View
I understand, it makes a lot of sense. How could I get this file name parameter that is in the argument matrix? inside my application?

because until now I learned to "interact" in the application basically with what the user does, but only when it is already open. I don't know how I could do it to get the parameter of location and name of the file that "called" on startup
João Henrique Braga 15-Apr-20 10:51am View
ok, even if my application has this extension association, how would reading this file be done? (my application interprets the data contained therein, in its initialization through a file with extension)
João Henrique Braga 15-Apr-20 10:49am View
If I saved a single database, how could I make the application open the application with its specific project? (I gave a practical example of what I am trying to say above)
João Henrique Braga 15-Apr-20 9:32am View
but still, I can't get the application to open a database by clicking on it twice, I don't know how I could do that.

Example: imagine that my application was a text editor (that works with the .txt file extension) I would like to click on a file called "teste.txt" and my editor would open the content in that file directly, instead of needing to open it my application and having to open "teste.txt" through an "opendialog"
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 15:36pm View
ok, thank you for your help
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 14:14pm View
How would I go about working with this parameter? let's say I made a file with its own extension and I would like to open it with its proper settings, but for that I would have to somehow make my application read it ...
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 13:19pm View
how could I save the data entered in the application? in a less complicated way?
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 9:33am View
The idea of ​​having this file, is precisely for the user to be able to choose where to save and open the application with two clicks, because if I only make the file from the database ".sdf" I would not have the ability to associate my application with it, or it would have ?? kkkkkk
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 8:58am View
I understand, I'll try here, but I would like your opinion if possible between these two possibilities:
1) Create a file with its own extension that contains only the path of my database (in this way my application will always create two files, one with its own extension indicating the path and the other would be the ".sdf" that would be the my database).
2) try to somehow put all my data you need and make the application read it, however the application has a lot of data, we are talking about an application with more than 10 forms used and various classes !! It is an extensive thing.
João Henrique Braga 14-Apr-20 8:26am View
I'm almost completely understanding how to make a proper extension and its configuration, but how would I make a file that had the extension that I made and my application would open that file? this part of the programming is being difficult for me, because my application has received data from the users, done the due calculations and created a database (which will be specific for each file). For example, when we create a ceiling file ".txt" we can save it wherever we want and whenever we open the notepad it will open it with its due data
João Henrique Braga 13-Apr-20 7:57am View
How could I create my own extension for my application and how can I put it in the system registry?
João Henrique Braga 13-Apr-20 5:40am View
it seems like an ideal solution, but how could I create a batch file that calls the application with a parameter?
João Henrique Braga 12-Apr-20 20:29pm View
3. i am sorry... i am a begginer
João Henrique Braga 10-Mar-20 13:32pm View
thanks!!!!!!!!!! <3
João Henrique Braga 4-Mar-20 18:55pm View
ok, thankyou for your help.
João Henrique Braga 4-Mar-20 8:40am View
the command did not compile "SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth;"
but I still have the doubt about how I can make a drawing by the computer and be able to print in scale, you understand my doubt ?? I want to make a line that is exactly 15 centimeters, for example, through the code.
João Henrique Braga 2-Mar-20 16:17pm View
I understand, how would I have access to the Pixel Per Inch information that is being used in the program? because I need to know it to convert real measurements (meters) to fictitious measurements (Pixel)
João Henrique Braga 14-Feb-20 13:33pm View
thank you very much, but about my application to launch when someone double-clicks it, how i register my app as the program to handle that extension?

and by doing this will I be able to save all the data contained in my program?