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Comments by Udesh-Ranjan (Top 16 by date)

Udesh-Ranjan 5-May-21 19:26pm View    
thanks Richard its difficult to understand with mathematical perspective.
Udesh-Ranjan 3-Jan-21 21:11pm View    
thanks @Afzzal Ahmad Zeeshan
Udesh-Ranjan 3-Jan-21 2:04am View    
@Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan if we use ip address which will change It will cause problem and making it static is as well can we use something else through which we can send string from one system to another.
Udesh-Ranjan 2-Jan-21 21:16pm View    
@Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan thanks for the such a detailed and helpful
Udesh-Ranjan 23-Dec-20 0:38am View    
@Shao Voon Wong thanks for helping {:)I am trying to find what mistake I am doing.