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dlnzki 16-Feb-21 3:41am View
hi. i already found the solution to this problem. i changed value='".$resultObj->EmpNo."' to value=$resultObj->EmpNo and it solved my problem.
dlnzki 15-Jul-20 3:53am View
sorry for so many question. i already find the solution of why it got that error

public ActionResult TesterPerformance(DateTime? DateStart, DateTime? DateEnd)

error is because of the "?".

problem solved. thank you for your reply
dlnzki 14-Jul-20 13:32pm View
DateTime is taken from an input form. i already change the data type and it works. thanks!
dlnzki 14-Jul-20 3:57am View
i use bootstrap version 3.3.7

and i set it in the layout page like this:

i'm not sure what is mean by other css
dlnzki 14-Jul-20 3:31am View
it does not work. how do i know the cause of this problem? is it because of bootstrap or what? i tried many solution but still it does not appear
dlnzki 8-Jul-20 13:29pm View
tried to comment for third time.
the output of the same tester name appear in 3 column of the same row.
dlnzki 8-Jul-20 13:26pm View
the same TesterName appears in 3 column of 1 row. the color of the tester name also not change. i thought maybe it is because of the htmlLink since the default colour is blue. so i change the text-success to bg-success. but nothing happen. please help. thank you
dlnzki 8-Jul-20 13:23pm View
the same TesterName appears in 3 column of one row. and the colour of the font is not changing also. i thought it was maybe because of the HtmlLink that i used,so i change the text-success to bg-success. but still got no difference.
dlnzki 8-Jul-20 11:49am View
it works. Thank you so much!
dlnzki 8-Jul-20 10:15am View
I tried the solution with table. when i write it does not have any error. but when i run the application, it has error says "Getting “Tuple element name is inferred. Please use language version 7.1 or greater to access an element by its inferred name.”"

so i tried google the error and find the answers on this link -->

but the solution which i follow does not direct me to the answers since i cannot change my language version to "C# latest Minor Version" (it disable that part and i stuck here. please help.