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Member 14803832 2-Sep-20 11:25am View
Thanks, it was useful! now it works perfect!
Member 14803832 1-Sep-20 12:46pm View
It works, thanks, but how can I take my file name? is it possible to take it from FormData()?
Member 14803832 1-Sep-20 6:45am View
thnanks, will try this out and give my feedback.
Member 14803832 1-Sep-20 6:24am View
After success of my ajax I can see the message, that my file is uploaded, but there is an old name of the file and I wand to refresh modal-body to see an actual name of the file
Member 14803832 1-Sep-20 6:22am View
This is the point, I have no idea how can I refresh, reload of update $('#modal-body') after upload the file, or, with other words, after tab.on("click", ".btnUpload", function (e) {...
Member 14803832 12-Aug-20 13:21pm View
Message is "failed to load recource, server responced with status 500 ()"
Member 14803832 12-Aug-20 13:08pm View
Console shows me this line as an Error:
xhr.send((options.hasContent && || null);
Member 14803832 12-Aug-20 12:09pm View
Hi Richard,how to do it?
Member 14803832 11-Aug-20 14:29pm View
error is "500", server side, but why it works then with small files?
Member 14803832 9-Aug-20 10:27am View
jqXHR , textStatus, errorThrown are returning to me the same text:

function(){if(a){var t=a.length;(function r(t){v.each(t,function(t,n){var i=v.type(n);i==="function"?(!e.unique||!c.has(n))&&a.push(n):n&&n.length&&i!=="string"&&r(n)})})(arguments),i?o=a.length:n&&(s=t,l(n))}return this}
Member 14803832 9-Aug-20 7:09am View
error: function (err) {
alert("Failed! Please try again." + err.error);
Member 14803832 9-Aug-20 7:08am View
Yes it is, this is the message what I'm recieving, when ajax-call is executed
Member 14803832 9-Aug-20 7:01am View
function(){if(a){var t=a.length;(function r(t){v.each(t,function(t,n){var i=v.type(n);i==="function"?(!e.unique||!c.has(n))&&a.push(n):n&&n.length&&i!=="string"&&r(n)})})(arguments),i?o=a.length:n&&(s=t,l(n))}return this}
Member 14803832 30-Jul-20 14:04pm View
Maybe You have some useful links, I'm googling since a week, but can't find anything what can be useful in my case. I've done it already without ajax, but cant go further
Member 14803832 30-Jul-20 8:04am View
Maybe You have some useful links, I'm googling since a week, but can't find anything what can be useful in my case. I've done it already without ajax, but cant go further
Member 14803832 6-Jul-20 12:08pm View
Works perfectley, as I thought! Thank You!
Member 14803832 6-Jul-20 7:17am View
Thaks You, looks good. Will try this out an give You my feedback, but I'm pretty sure it will work :)
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 9:10am View
we will see... i hope simple loop thru am array will be a solution.

easy to say it should be one big table where two headers repeat themself after some normal 's...
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 8:53am View
ok, will try this out, and tell You if it works.

but...var mydates = new Array();

in this code You're addin data manually, what if I want to show the whole year? manually add it in an array would be not really funny...
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 8:47am View
an how can i teke it from console and insert into my header?
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 8:46am View
for example I want to add to the header dates from 01.06.2020 until 05.07.2020 exactley 5 weeks(5 pages)
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 8:31am View
this is also my question, as i understand I need an array of data to pass it thru loop in a table...
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 8:07am View
yes I want to change dates, 01.01.2020, 02.01.2020 and so on until the enddate
Member 14803832 16-Jun-20 7:44am View
Hi, yes I've already read it. the problem is in my codepen, I've made a simple example. in my project I'm using table with several dynamic events what datatable can not implement. So now I'm looking for possibilit to implement it by myself.
Member 14803832 27-May-20 14:29pm View
thanks, it looks like a solution! will try this out...
Member 14803832 27-May-20 14:05pm View
but if I edit my Events table so, that all cells in a row assuming will not be bigger that a single cell in a Eventsweek table, it should wokt, theoreticaly, right?
Member 14803832 27-May-20 14:01pm View
oh, You mean show multiple tables based on id value? I didn't think about it... coulb be a solution...
Member 14803832 27-May-20 13:56pm View
I have 2 tables together: Events & WeeksEvents, my autocomplete I'm doing from table Events and then pass value of 3 cells in one div, so from thee cells I recieve only one and seve it then in a WeekEvents table for a chosen day
Member 14803832 27-May-20 13:42pm View
this is what I|ve already done, otherwise it would be impossible to make autocomplete
Member 14803832 26-May-20 12:34pm View
cool! it works! but not really solve my problem. the thing is I making an autocomplete from one table and insert data to an other table in my database. i guess my first table is too big, i have there 3 properties with 300 symbols together ans i'm trying to push 300 symbols in 100 :)
Member 14803832 26-May-20 12:31pm View
it looks like I have to create a new databases that can work together...
Member 14803832 18-May-20 12:23pm View
Error![object Object]
Member 14803832 15-May-20 15:08pm View
have You an example for it?
Member 14803832 15-May-20 15:07pm View
looks like that, i've just hoped i can avoid this repeats for every ciecle in DB
Member 14803832 15-May-20 13:48pm View
short to say I have a fixed number of workers and endless number of weeks for every worker and it should repeats every circle
Member 14803832 15-May-20 13:44pm View
no, this is it, I want to hardcode it into a table by creating it, otherweise I need to copy this names for every number of rows on a page...
Member 14803832 15-May-20 13:19pm View
Yes, but if I add a new th in an each loop, I#ll get the same name for each row, but i want to have different names for each row...
Member 14803832 15-May-20 12:13pm View
no, this is not what I looking for, this is easy, but to show data from DB on a "dbcontent" places, this is what I'm talking about
Member 14803832 15-May-20 12:11pm View
Here is my code:

type: "GET",
url: "/Home/JsonWeekEvents",
dataType: "JSON",
success: function (result) {
$.each(result, function (i, val) {
var trow = $('').data("id", val.Id);
//trow.append('' + val.Id + " " + '');
trow.append('' + val.Monday + '');
trow.append('' + val.Tuesday + '');
trow.append('' + val.Wednesday + '');
trow.append('' + val.Thursday +'');
trow.append('' + val.Friday +'');
trow.append('' + val.Saturday +'');
trow.append('' + val.Sunday + '');
trow.append('' + 'Edit Week' + '');
//trow.append('' + 'edit' + " " + "|" + " " + '');
//trow.append('' + 'delete' + " " + '');
$("tr:odd", tab).css('background-color', '#C4C4C4');
error: function () {
alert("Failed! Please try again.");
var tab = $('');
var thead = $('');

thead.append('FSE' + " " + '');
thead.append('Monday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Tuesday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Wednesday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Thursday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Friday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Saturday' + " " + '');
thead.append('Sunday' + " " + '');

where FSE is, I#d like to enter fixed column with Names of Service Engeneers
Member 14803832 7-May-20 16:18pm View
thanks for an advice, will try this out
Member 14803832 7-May-20 15:59pm View
for example? can You advice something?
Member 14803832 24-Apr-20 14:58pm View
ok, I think I'm starting to understand it, it was not attribute, but an object, right? oh, I have to learn a lot ))))
Member 14803832 24-Apr-20 14:48pm View
But can You tell me why it was undefined and now this ist ok?
Member 14803832 24-Apr-20 14:47pm View
It works perfektley! Thank You very much, I was really mad about this... Thank You!