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Comments by DumbCoderX (Top 4 by date)

DumbCoderX 21-Dec-22 11:57am View    
Sorry I don't think that's the answer to this question?

That solution appears to change the method to take a list - I'm enquiring how to extract the data from a table to create\populate the Scores Model - so more of a front end \ UI query

Apologies if I'm mis interpreting your solution
DumbCoderX 2-Nov-20 15:53pm View    
DumbCoderX 27-Apr-20 10:55am View    
Thankyou so much..

Idiopathic have to add the param size to the following line

SqlParameter("@ReturnVal", SqlDbType.VarChar,1000);

But other than that it worked a treat..

Thanks again, taught me loads
DumbCoderX 23-Apr-20 3:39am View    
When ive dug into the exception its a little more meaningful than the one that was reported origioanlly (presumably rolled up somehow)

The Exception Message =
"Procedure or function 'GetFinancialTargetPerformance_12Month' expects parameter '@ReturnVal', which was not supplied."

But From my code I believe it is provided