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Comments by PythonPreran (Top 12 by date)

PythonPreran 6-Jul-20 1:28am View
I AM GETTING AN KEY ERROR saying 'Date'. Its not working.
PythonPreran 3-Jul-20 20:34pm View
i saw it sir but i am still not able to get it please tell me where is the problem ?
PythonPreran 27-Jun-20 7:17am View
ThankYou Bro
PythonPreran 27-Jun-20 7:15am View

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/MAVERICK/Desktop/", line 1, in <module>
import timeit
File "C:/Users/MAVERICK/Desktop\", line 3, in <module>
print(timeit.timeit('1+2' , number=100))
TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
PythonPreran 31-May-20 11:14am View
This is the code thats not working
PythonPreran 29-May-20 3:44am View
ok .....
PythonPreran 29-May-20 3:39am View
this is my actual code
PythonPreran 29-May-20 3:39am View
i am learning it by my own not for exams lol, i am still 10th grade and i am going further no stoping, keep learning ...
PythonPreran 29-May-20 1:40am View
Could have been, better if u had told what's the problem? But Nice Theory thankyou very much
PythonPreran 29-May-20 1:40am View
STILL NOT WORKING , thanks for ur answer ......
PythonPreran 26-May-20 1:52am View
can u read the description sir , there's the problem described ? when i run that code , i get moving average in a different chart and candlesticks in another chart , but i want to merge them into 1 chart . that is the problem i dont know how ?
PythonPreran 22-May-20 21:42pm View
WoW man awesome thanks for the help , it worked . I actually didnt find anywhere on net , so i asked . Thanks by the way it worked.