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Member 14849246 13-Jul-20 13:49pm View
"constraints of the question"
it gives TLE on higher outputs
Member 14849246 13-Jul-20 10:58am View
ya! its a part of default competative code for multiple cases , other than that if you please help in algorithm like how to select all possible pairs and something like that
Member 14849246 4-Jun-20 7:23am View
so how to store such a big number of 10000 digit should we use long long int ? what is bigint library?
Member 14849246 31-May-20 15:29pm View
when we press enter is it symobol of'\0' which is zero to c compiler?
Member 14849246 31-May-20 15:18pm View
if we give input perm0n0nt then program should give count 2 , which is wrong
Member 14849246 31-May-20 15:04pm View
test condition what it is trying to convey i mean something compare with i< like that but its just char