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AWdrius 17-Nov-10 5:05am View    
DICOM (if my memory serves me right) is a lossless format, almost raw (+ additional metadata), as you need to preserve all original details. Depending on your compression settings, even jpeg can produce lossless quality image. Question is if that is important in your case? You could provide a lower quality image on a web page and then add a few links for a original DICOM image, a lossless PNG, etc.
BTW, I found a nice article and code samples that you could introduce into your solution: Pay special attention to the Background section.
AWdrius 10-Nov-10 11:40am View    
It absolutely positively cannot work. The function is invoked on server side, where it loads server side windows dll and shows it to the interactive user. If you use (or its alias "localhost") or a real IP address, it still opens dialog on the machine that executes application.
I'm not proud, but all of this comes from my personal experience a long time ago (-.