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Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Oct-14 17:59pm View
Try using ViewData
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Oct-14 16:55pm View
But the EF would be well organized than cluttering on single class file.
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Oct-14 4:04am View
Add another EF file for another DB. You will have problem, only if you try to add the other DB's SPs in the same EF file
Venkatesh Mookkan 8-Oct-14 0:36am View
ipconfig is a program. Change your code to have Filename as "ipconfig" and no arguments.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-14 22:38pm View
Hi Navin,
Can you please tell me which field is of type of "DQMCell"? DataTemplate works based on the Data type not the control type.

Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Jun-13 22:21pm View
The only functional piece in this method is the above statement. Rest of them are just validation and finalization.
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Jun-13 10:17am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Jun-13 10:14am View
Yes - Its false. That's what mentioned in the email.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Jun-13 22:09pm View
Hi Richcb,
The Statement is correct. I have copied only on the code snippet which validates the user. If the Validation fails, it would return Empty string else it would process the further steps.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Jun-13 7:00am View
Its not throwing any error. It always returns false even though the Username/Password is correct.
Venkatesh Mookkan 12-Jun-13 23:18pm View
Please update your question with the Store Procedure Definition? That will help us to find the issue easily
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-May-13 5:50am View
You are getting that error because you are trying to access a control which is not loaded into the control.

You can binding the the selected item to the MenuItem's DataContext or Tag. Use RelativeSource Binding to do the job. And in Click event of the MenuItem get the MenuItem from the sender object and use it.
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-Feb-13 6:56am View
Did you checked the URL I suggested? Let me know how its different than your screenshot?
Venkatesh Mookkan 5-Feb-13 23:44pm View
May be he is looking for a third party control library!
Venkatesh Mookkan 22-Oct-12 1:58am View
And what you have done so far?
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Oct-12 8:55am View
I have updated the answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Oct-12 8:53am View
Hey Joan. I checked in VB.NET, its allowing var as variable name. Its seems like the index issue.
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Oct-12 8:44am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Oct-12 2:18am View
Why can't you restrict the TextBox to have the validation of 31 days and pass the selected dates to the query?
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Oct-12 2:11am View
Hi Lukeer, its Hindi language and combining both will results with a different character and phonetics which is not possible.
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Sep-12 1:50am View
I don't think, this is a right solution.

Adding all the emailed into the MailMessage.From would expose the email ids to the other users too. If this is an application like sending newsletters to people, I would not do that. May be Bcc, would be the right choice.
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-May-12 5:18am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-May-12 5:18am View
Nice try. But I would suggest to use RowDataBound instead of RowCreated.
Venkatesh Mookkan 1-Mar-12 1:03am View
I am visiting daily. But not participating regularly due to project needs. I am glad to see more new peoples around!
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Feb-12 6:32am View
Good one!
Venkatesh Mookkan 15-Feb-12 22:21pm View
Hi Srinivas,
You need to post your HTML content to under the Page Design. The way you explained above is hard to picture your page. Please post the HTML and give a reply to this comment. I will see what I can do.
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-Nov-11 6:05am View
Post what you did so far. That might help us to find your problem.
Venkatesh Mookkan 19-Oct-11 0:29am View
How did you do that? Have 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 12-Oct-11 1:32am View
Thank you!
Venkatesh Mookkan 12-Oct-11 1:32am View
Thank you!
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-Oct-11 22:33pm View
Updated the answer
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-Oct-11 22:12pm View
You are welcome!
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-Oct-11 0:15am View
Can you update the question with your code? It would help us to understand your problem better
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-Oct-11 0:08am View
Thank you!
Venkatesh Mookkan 10-Oct-11 6:11am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 10-Oct-11 6:10am View
You cannot do that. One thing you can do is block the context menu. As CodingLover said, you can write you own WebBrowser and disable it.
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-Oct-11 6:09am View
Since Prem has mentioned the control as DataGridView is definitely a Window Form but you answer for ASP.NET

You might have to modify your answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Sep-11 2:27am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Sep-11 2:26am View
And why he has to do below?

a = float.Parse(k.ToString());
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Sep-11 2:26am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Aug-11 0:08am View
I don't think Server.URLEncode really required here?
Venkatesh Mookkan 10-Aug-11 4:55am View
Good Answer, Prerak!
Venkatesh Mookkan 10-Aug-11 4:55am View
The example which Prerak given is excellent. You cannot expect the exact solution always. It is easy to make your requirement work using the given example. That guy also given the idea of using the Attached Property. You should leverage the property to achieve your requirement.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Aug-11 1:08am View
I could see that you have rated me 5!

Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Aug-11 0:25am View
Since we are doing aggregation operation on the num field and have to select name and cod field also GROUP BY requires name as well as cod.

Else you might get something like this,

Column '' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Aug-11 0:15am View
Hi SA,
ToString will fail if txtCustomer.Text is null.

I guess he/she is talking about the second code block and not the first. Or he assigned to the first block and trying to get the value from the second block.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Aug-11 0:12am View
And I got down voted because?
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Jul-11 4:22am View
Thanks SA
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Jul-11 2:34am View
He is asking for Silverlight and not for Windows Application
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Jul-11 22:55pm View
Updated my answer. Please use "Add Comment" to ask further questions.
Venkatesh Mookkan 14-Jul-11 7:57am View
And your question is?
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Jul-11 23:55pm View
I guess he is talk about Web.
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Jul-11 23:48pm View
Good call

FindControl method is applicable for TemplateColumn field.
Venkatesh Mookkan 13-Jul-11 0:42am View
Good Call!
Venkatesh Mookkan 12-Jul-11 23:19pm View
Fast man. You should add category also in the where clause. And LIKE operator is not necessary here.
Venkatesh Mookkan 12-Jul-11 22:48pm View
Your question is not clear. What do you mean by calling Math (3A) ?
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-Jul-11 1:18am View
Perfect Answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Jun-11 23:14pm View
Post your ASPX code in your question. It would be helpful for us to understand your problem easily.
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Jun-11 23:12pm View
Good answer! 5ed!
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Jun-11 23:12pm View
Good answer! 5ed!
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Jun-11 5:51am View
I get he is asking for Open a file using his application from Window Explorer like double clicking Word document opens in Word application
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Jun-11 10:29am View
You are insane man. He is asking question in ASP.NET (Web Technology) and you are suggesting a Window control. How to you are expecting a Window Control to work on Web technology unless it is in ActiveX form.

I appreciate your effort in answering him but it is not helping.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Jun-11 8:51am View
That guy is asking for ASP.NET TextBox. Whatever you answered is irrelavent to the context.
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-May-11 6:38am View
Thanks man
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-May-11 2:40am View
He has tampered the CustomControl style and hardcoded the Background inside the Style. So, Background properly will never affect the CustomControl. See my reply.
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-May-11 2:40am View
He has tampered the CustomControl style and hardcoded the Background inside the Style. So, Background properly will never affect the CustomControl. See my reply.
Venkatesh Mookkan 23-May-11 2:23am View
You are welcome.
Venkatesh Mookkan 23-May-11 1:18am View
Good call!
Venkatesh Mookkan 23-May-11 0:41am View
Thank you for marking it as Answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-May-11 2:17am View
Good finding. I didn't know that. Thanks for updating me ;)
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-May-11 2:16am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-May-11 1:07am View
No effort!
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-May-11 1:02am View
You can load dynamic XML files in .NET without a problem.

If you are expecting source code, then you are at a wrong forum. We can give you an idea. Or fix your issue if you post the code.

Since you looking for code, I can get you the code if you willing pay :D
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-May-11 7:23am View
Do not add solution if you want to update the question. You can either "Improve question" or "Add comment" to the given Solution.
Venkatesh Mookkan 15-May-11 22:40pm View
I don't know how this could work in the first place.

You are clearing the ListBox4.Items in the beginning and enumerating in a for loop. Ultimately, you would get run-time exception (IndexOutOfRangeException - I guess).
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-May-11 22:25pm View
Post the code your worked on so far. It will be easy for us to under your problem.
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-May-11 22:24pm View
If you have question about the question just "Add comment" on the question instead of "Add a Solution"
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-May-11 10:15am View
Updated the answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-May-11 8:28am View
Upload your sample project somewhere and give the link to download. I will check and correct it foe you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-May-11 1:44am View
Good answer. But S Mewara's answer is clean.
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-May-11 1:43am View
Good Answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-May-11 1:40am View
Actually you should use "@" when you want to "\" directly like below,

Venkatesh Mookkan 2-May-11 6:24am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 28-Apr-11 1:20am View
Thank you
Venkatesh Mookkan 28-Apr-11 0:02am View
I guess he is too amateur. May some code snippet would help him. ;)
Venkatesh Mookkan 27-Apr-11 23:55pm View
This is helpful. But I like to hear more from others too.
Venkatesh Mookkan 27-Apr-11 21:43pm View
Good Answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 27-Apr-11 12:28pm View
Thank you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 25-Apr-11 7:12am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Out of the context. You are provide Alternate in Window Forms where the OP is talking about Web.
Venkatesh Mookkan 25-Apr-11 7:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Out of context. OP is discussing about ASP.NET but you posted for Windows Forms.
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Apr-11 21:55pm View
Actually, you are fast! I was about to answer it.
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Apr-11 21:48pm View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Apr-11 7:58am View
Good Call!
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Apr-11 7:56am View
The quote next to txtContactId.Text is not harmful and is not the actual problem.

His query and your solution does the same thing. :)
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Apr-11 22:34pm View
I use the same method to Select All which is OK. But it is Old. We should keep up with the updates. ;) .
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Apr-11 6:58am View
Just post the XAML. It would easy to help you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Apr-11 6:05am View
Can you post the XAML (if necessary codebehind) so that it is easy for us to figure out the problem?
Venkatesh Mookkan 20-Apr-11 6:00am View
You are faster than me. Good Answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 11-Apr-11 9:21am View
I have a feeling that your GridView row does not have a DropDownList named "ddlCrop". Please cross verified. It is better to diagnose if you post your ASPX code too.
Venkatesh Mookkan 8-Apr-11 11:05am View
Mark it as answer if it helps you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 8-Apr-11 6:48am View
Use pnlJCList object directly. No need to use FindControl.
Venkatesh Mookkan 8-Apr-11 6:47am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 7-Apr-11 12:57pm View
I don't see any value in this Tip/Trick. I have read the reply you gave to Kunal and Nish in GIT[^]. There are recommended ways to find the second visit (refresh) of a page in ASP.NET.

I am not gonna Up-Vote or Down Voted you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 6-Apr-11 23:48pm View
Good catch. 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 6-Apr-11 23:45pm View
Sorry, I missed the index part of the assignment. Thanks. Will update the answer accordingly.
Venkatesh Mookkan 5-Apr-11 22:24pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good solution.
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Apr-11 3:53am View
Post a sample application somewhere in or Let me know what can I do?
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Apr-11 2:20am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Apr-11 0:45am View
Its worth to do on the SQL Server side. The latest SQL Server is more powerful. Its upto us to use it effectively.

I would go for direct DELETE statement, if I have to write a SP.
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-Apr-11 22:54pm View
Post your COIT.aspx.cs code
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-Apr-11 22:40pm View
I still like the idea of not passing the mode to the Procedure. But I understand without mode you cannot identify the DELETE command.

This is what you can do. If only EmpID is passed, you can fire the DELETE command.
- INSERT -> EmpID = 0
- UPDATE -> EmpID > 0 and other values are passed.
- DELETE -> Only EmpID is passed.

I am sure SQL Server supports NULL parameters.
Venkatesh Mookkan 1-Apr-11 0:32am View
Fair well.
Venkatesh Mookkan 31-Mar-11 22:56pm View
You can use Windows Forms control inside WPF. Using WPF inside Windows Forms is not possible.
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 4:54am View
I am glad that you got the solution. ;)

Thanks for the Vote.
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 4:36am View
I have no problem even if I use it in a UserControl. If you want help, publish a sample application somewhere and provide the URL.
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 4:30am View
Its a Window
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 2:32am View
Answer updated
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 2:25am View
Thank you
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 1:16am View
I found the issue in your code. Answer has been updated. Happy coding!
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 0:58am View
Got the source. Let me check and get back.
Venkatesh Mookkan 30-Mar-11 0:07am View
One thing you should understand that I am not against you.

Most of the people asking questions here are Novice. If you give the right solution that is good. Give the solution and the suggestion (like your answer) that is very good.

But only suggestion would make them crazy in terms of coding. I guess you understand my point. You can improve your answer at any point of time (which you already know).
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 23:55pm View
The OP is using LoginInfo value for checking the validity of the Cookie. So, expiration doesn't make sense in his case.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 23:55pm View
The OP is using LoginInfo value for checking the validity of the Cookie. So, expiration doesn't make sense in his case.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 23:37pm View
You should either check the Control Panel given by the Hosting company or check with them.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 23:33pm View
You need to check whether your website support .NET and same version which is used by you for developement.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 22:46pm View
So, How do you want? With currency symbol or without?
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 22:21pm View
Do not answer for commenting. Use the "Add Comment" link below the respective answer. "Add Comment" will intimate the Answerer with email notification.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 22:18pm View
You are changing the Cookie Expiration here. How this help the OP to fix his issue?

It should be Response.Cookies["LoginInfo"].Value = 0.

But you the gave the idea about Response object at lease.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 8:56am View
Upload somewhere like or and provide URL. I will take it from there.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 8:28am View
In that case, zip your sample code, upload in dropbox or something and give URL. I will check and let you know.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 6:36am View
Post your binding logic.
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 2:28am View
Answer has been updated. check it out
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 2:27am View
IN clause would be better than OR ;)
Venkatesh Mookkan 29-Mar-11 2:27am View
I miss understood the question. Answer has been updated.
Venkatesh Mookkan 25-Mar-11 7:15am View
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Mar-11 23:05pm View
Good answer!

And it is a nice reference man.
Venkatesh Mookkan 24-Mar-11 23:02pm View
He is asking for changing the icon of the Setup.exe not the Application EXE. You answer is not relevant for the question.
Venkatesh Mookkan 23-Mar-11 12:34pm View
Thank you. Mark it as answer in that case :)
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Mar-11 3:33am View
The error means lblSalary does not exists.

Post your ASPX code for further help
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Mar-11 13:58pm View
Answer updated. No need to call dispose function now.
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Mar-11 13:49pm View
There is no difference in connecting to a local or online MySQL database. May be you should check the server location and its credentials. What error message you are getting?
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Mar-11 13:47pm View
Thank you
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Mar-11 13:46pm View
That is because you need to call Dispose() of the Child Window when window is closed.
Venkatesh Mookkan 18-Mar-11 7:46am View
Sorry. I didn't noticed the reference. 5! it.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 6:51am View
Answer updated
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 6:44am View
You cannot access the controls inside the iframe from the code-behind (C#). The content inside the IFrame is altogether a new Page which cannot be accessed from another page.

You can access using JavaScript and assign the values in a HiddenField (runat Server) and use it from the CodeBehind (C#)
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 3:41am View
Post your ASPX code
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 3:05am View
Updated the answer
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 2:59am View
Please post your ASPX code. It would be easy for find the issue.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 2:52am View
I missed in few seconds. 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Mar-11 2:51am View
Then you need to use a better Designer. Expression Blend 2.0 or greater is better than Visual Studio.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 2:09am View
Thanks man.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:56am View
I used to read GIT. If something interests me, I will reply.

Start OP on GIT. Will see you there. ;)
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:54am View
Visual Studio is a Tool to develop a .NET application. MSDN is a good reference.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:45am View
Good one man.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:44am View
FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName will return only the filename in FireFox and Chrome. IE return the full path. But the questionnaire asking for the path of the file.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:38am View
AFAIK, Frontpage Extension is a part of Windows Feature with is not installed by default.

Go to Control Panel and you can turn Windows Feature on or off.

Or try the suggestion in the error message:
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:07am View
1. Yes

2. You better understand thing here. WPF/Silverlight are technology. Visual C# is a language. You can use any .NET Technology (ASP.NET/WPF/Silverlight) along with any .NET language (C#, VB.NET).
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 1:02am View
WPF Browser application requires .NET Framework installed and .NET framework inturn comes with hardware requirement etc. The Setup would come around ~400MB.

Silverlight is light. The setup is ~4MB size. Runs on the browser like Flash.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 0:58am View
WPF Browser application is heavy and it does not count as Website. You can still use Silverlight which is light and Sub-set of WPF.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 0:37am View
Good reference.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 0:35am View
Dirty way. But definite would work. Have 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Mar-11 0:31am View
Thank you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 23:49pm View
Your HTML is not perfect. You haven't closed Bob's IMG tag. It is placed after </html>.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 23:18pm View
Nobody down-voted the question. They have voted 4. That means Good question.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 23:12pm View
I guess you misunderstood the answer. I have updated the answer. Check it out.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 23:12pm View
Upload your sample project somewhere like or DropBox and give the Url. I will check and let you know.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 23:09pm View
I guess you misunderstood the answer. I have updated the answer. Check it out.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:43pm View
This might help
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:40pm View
Rude is not like rude to the person. When you say Negative it is like you can't go further. Sorry if I used word for this. :)

My last sentence: You said, you updated the answer after I stating that the user want to Highlight/Selection the whole line.

Explanation for the points:
1. I know Highlight is different from Selection. But in my opinion, the questionnaire is asking for Highlight.
2. I agree.

We are arguing, but the questionnaire is silent. What are we doing?
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:31pm View
Updated the answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:20pm View
No effect!
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:20pm View
That guy is asking for ASP.NET Calculator
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 21:50pm View
Too big story to read my friend.

Ask your question simple and straight.

I bet nobody here has time to ready your story.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 21:47pm View
Negative?!!? Isn't that rude?

I would say, it is possible but need some work to do. There are applications which highlight the current row. Even VS 2010 has an extension which will highlight the Current row. ;)

By the way, I appreciate that you are willing to acceptance nature.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 21:37pm View
Did you tried mine? When I answered the question I simply gave the code without trying it out as I am using it daily. But Once you replied, I tried it and it is parsing perfectly (return True). You should check your answer. You are suggesting Parse and I am suggesting TryParse.

TryParse will never throw exception even the date format is wrong. If it return False, then the date is not valid. What else can we do then? It is up to the developer or the business requirement to figure that out if the date is not valid.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 21:15pm View
I guess, he basically wants to highlight the row even if you don't have text.
Venkatesh Mookkan 8-Mar-11 21:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice one man.

But IE9 should it crappy though. :D

Mozilla showed it perfectly. Thanks for sharing
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Mar-11 7:34am View
Updated the answer again
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Mar-11 7:29am View
Updated the answer
Venkatesh Mookkan 4-Mar-11 1:35am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Copy cat.
Venkatesh Mookkan 3-Mar-11 1:01am View
Thank you.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Mar-11 21:08pm View
Down-voted! For what? Answering your question. Thanks buddy.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Mar-11 11:52am View
Only reason I could see is, the 3rd party application is locking the file writing or reading. But have no idea why it is opening in notepad.
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Mar-11 1:34am View
Good Answer. Have 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 2-Mar-11 1:34am View
Good Answer. Have 5!
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Feb-11 21:56pm View
It would be easy for me to help you if you say what's not working and which line throws the error.
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Feb-11 21:35pm View
Thanks Nish. I have added your comment to the answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Feb-11 21:35pm View
Answer updated
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Feb-11 0:45am View
You will get more responses (from others too), if you start a new thread for other question. Moreover, I visit CP very less time.

So post is as new question.
Venkatesh Mookkan 21-Feb-11 0:29am View
You are most welcome.
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Feb-11 3:41am View
Thanks DD
Venkatesh Mookkan 17-Feb-11 1:18am View
Good answer!
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 23:36pm View
See my answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 21:51pm View
Upload it somewhere like Skydrive or dropbox and provide me the Url. Let me check then.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 9:08am View
The answer has been updated. Let me know if you have questions.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 5:09am View
I am afraid that he didn't meant that.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 5:08am View
Your comments should be added as replies to the actual thread. You should not add Answer unless it is an answer.
Venkatesh Mookkan 16-Feb-11 4:51am View
Good reference.
Venkatesh Mookkan 15-Feb-11 23:52pm View
Place a breakpoint in the converter. See whether it is coming inside it. You can also check the Output Window for Binding errors. I guess like the binding is the problem.

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