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Comments by Ibrahim Hassan 1234 (Top 14 by date)

Ibrahim Hassan 1234 27-Oct-20 18:33pm View
I am Really Really undesrtand sir and all i rectify all the problems and everything know working perfect thank you so much Oger 'Patrice T'
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 27-Oct-20 18:31pm View
I am Really grate full for your quick respond and the problems have been fixed thank you so much.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Aug-20 5:28am View
thank you sir.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Aug-20 5:23am View
echo""; i put something inside double queto like "upload/$row[img]" but it's not show
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Aug-20 5:21am View
Sorry Sir i am trying to explain it but i dont know why it been automatically removed this is my problem.
$sql = "select * from oficers_tbl";
$stmt = $con->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute();

while ($row = $stmt->fetch()){

but it only show me blank image thumbnail
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Aug-20 4:10am View
ok sir thank you so much for your concern is know that i found the reason why it show such error message and frankly spaeking its so funny.
I Forgot to put 'enctype="multipart/form-data"'
I'm Really appreciate for ur concern
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Aug-20 3:48am View
this is line 16 sir, $_FILES['img']['tmp_name'];
this is line 17 sir, move_uploaded_file($_FILES['img']['tmp_name'],"upload/".$_FILES['img']['name']);
this is line 18 sir, $img = $_FILES['img']['tmp_name'];
because all the lines are indicated by compiler show 'undefined index'
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 9-Aug-20 15:32pm View
im realy appreciate for your quick respond sir, doctor prof Sandeep Mewara.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 17-Jul-20 17:12pm View
yes sir, and im very gratefull to ur respond know everything is working perfectly thank you so much sir.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 12-Jul-20 1:50am View
please can you help me with the code on how to convert my own image
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 10-Jul-20 16:24pm View
please sir can you help me the code on how to convert it.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 9-Jul-20 15:01pm View
Thank You Sir for ur quick respond, it help me alot sir interm of my project thank you so much i can't even know how to express my happiness thanks.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 6-Jul-20 5:43am View
Yes Sir that's what i wanted to do but instead of creating new windows tab that's why i want to used the modal so as to act like pop up menu register thank you for your concern.
Ibrahim Hassan 1234 4-Jul-20 11:45am View
Thank You sir, im realy appreciate for ur quick responsed