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mohamed thrwat 11-Sep-22 6:01am View    
thanks for help , your answer is the nearest one for me
mohamed thrwat 11-Sep-22 4:30am View    
it is winforms using sql database , i use my own code to fill the gridview , but i didn't do it yet. the photo at the attachment not mine . i wannt to do gridview as same as the photo at the attachment.
mohamed thrwat 9-Sep-22 12:05pm View    
i have solved it . thanks for your help
mohamed thrwat 8-Sep-22 4:21am View    
i have Main Form " FRM_MAIN" Showup after succesful login From "FRM_LOGIN", This Main Form Have a Textboxs Shows Ex: Textbox "Logername" which i get it from Login user After Login, i have another Textbox i want to show company name in it , so if this is the first time to use then there is no Data At Company Table That What i Want To Do Is To Open Frm_Company as There is No Data To Record New Data To Get The Company Name Show in Textbox .
sorry if my english is bad to deliver the idea
mohamed thrwat 2-Sep-22 14:28pm View    
that is right i am moving to c# from but also not a master at :(