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Comments by mojtabahakimian (Top 9 by date)

mojtabahakimian 2-May-23 17:05pm View    
How can I set SelectedIndex for the 'DataGridComboBoxColumn' dynamically ? (Binding)
mojtabahakimian 10-Jan-23 15:20pm View    
"The observable collection tells you when a record is added"

could you give me a sample code please ?
mojtabahakimian 17-Dec-22 17:54pm View    
thank you so much , but May I ask you to give me a line for full tutorial about this ↑ or checking my code in above link I put for download ?

because I'm using code behind not MVVM
mojtabahakimian 19-Nov-22 23:56pm View    
thanks for taking your to help me but May I ask you to write me a code for this ?
mojtabahakimian 19-Nov-22 23:44pm View    
Yes, my problem is that I don't know how to convert this type of itheme into a list of strings or Jason, because this itheme cannot be used in a loop.