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Member 14968771 18-Oct-21 12:19pm View
I have move the discussion to main forum - it turns out to be not a "quick answer candiadate. I hope I can delet it all from here soon...
Member 14968771 18-Oct-21 11:48am View
OK I am running 64 bit Eclipse on 64 bit OS and have installed libbluetooth-dev - assuming for 64 bits. So where is the 32/64 conflict?
Member 14968771 2-Oct-21 21:44pm View
Not really what I was asking, but...
So essentially I could write __asm volatile ("LSL 1\n"). Assuming the LSL is "logical shift left one place " then the result would be such on some previous instruction.

Now I recall that in assembly it had to be "NOP" not "nop".
Would my compiler complain it it was case sensitive? Just asking.
Member 14968771 27-Sep-21 9:54am View
I have added printf("Error: %s\n", strerror(errno));
and received error massage to the effect that "file does not exist".
Which us not much of a help to find out why the "open" fails - just confirming my uneducated guess. This was a "run time error" coming from the remote - Raspberry Pi. I fixed it by configuring the I2C using raspi-config. I need to do more RTFM (Linux Device Drivers book ) - (my) notion that "ioctl" works "automatically as Linux kernel" is obviously not correct. SOLVED
Member 14968771 20-Sep-21 11:47am View
The original code was written for at least two different hardware...
I am really not interested to write for something I will not use , but these specific #define(s) are already (scattered) in the code. I guess I'll put them in class header.
Member 14968771 30-May-21 15:02pm View
I just needed a confirmation that my library is built.
Member 14968771 30-May-21 15:01pm View
I am having an issue with "overworked " server "
Member 14968771 30-May-21 14:56pm View
Member 14968771 30-May-21 14:53pm View
I got as far as this link

After implementing
QMAKE_LFLAGS -Wl it failed so I added ,option by guessing

QMAKE_LFLAGS -Wl , --verbose
It worked , but where are the descriptions for ",options" - for future
reference ?
Member 14968771 29-May-21 14:29pm View
To be honest , I do not see your point / reference to guards. I have added another level of include , with guard, and have a same issue.
My conclusions - the problem is NOT in library reference include point. AFter I find the problem I'll go back to multi library reference points, just to make sure .
Member 14968771 9-May-21 17:20pm View
?? The device scan for "service " is by address, is it not?
I am not supplying any other info on working device.
Member 14968771 3-May-21 15:28pm View
Atta boy....
Member 14968771 3-May-21 12:55pm View
Perhaps I am getting confused with static variables.
Anyway I definitely created monster with passing all these non QString to a function who requires QString. And that is only for debugging anyway.
Member 14968771 23-Apr-21 22:50pm View
Richard, I wrote abut 1/2 page explanation of the issue and it got rejected.
For unknown reason I cannot post under my old account. I communicated that to "customer service" and it still does not work. I tried to add another account and it keeps kicking it out because "something is already in use".
Anyway, after making another project the problem went away so as always- my fault.
Thanks for offering help.
Member 14968771 19-Apr-21 11:56am View
OK, one more.
Local and remote, also called "nearby" Bluetooth devices definitions are pretty clear.
My application is to basically replace wired connection between PC and a device.
I send a command to the device and (hopefully) receive a response back to process.
I am not sure how to apply therms "client / server" in this simple case.
Member 14968771 18-Apr-21 10:28am View
OK, so before the scanning message is generated there should be a "local" device active to pass the message . Correct ?
Member 14968771 23-Jan-21 21:58pm View
It is forward declared as "class".
Member 14968771 21-Oct-20 10:06am View
Don't tell someone to read the manual. Chances are they have and don't get it. Provide an answer or move on to the next question.

Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.