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Member 14977918 7-Nov-20 1:01am View    
Thank you, I figured it out. wasn't may json at all it was the parameters I was sending to get the data from the web service. Essentially I wasn't returning anything.
Member 14977918 6-Nov-20 21:37pm View    
I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly but I think my root object is correct. Ive checked other examples like mine and that's what they do or get suggested to do. Just to check I tried other websites that help to generate c# based on the JSON and they all show the same result as what I listed above. I'm lost.
Member 14977918 6-Nov-20 19:58pm View    
you mean wrap my json in a root? Isn't it already inside of a root? I tried adding like a "root":{ before the whole thing and I return another root that return a root which has all the data inside my current root.