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Member 14991075 3-Mar-23 2:19am View    
ok thank you, but there is a problem. I would like to set a for column 1 and b for column 2 with the use of pandas library.
Which command should I use? I tried

import pandas as pd

filename = 'input_text.txt'
df = pd.read_csv(filename, sep='\t',usecols=[0,1])
a = df.column[1]

but no use...
Member 14991075 2-Mar-23 12:38pm View    
ok how to set a for column 1, and b for column 2?
Member 14991075 4-Jan-22 8:58am View    
I use command

It is no use?
testdata.txt is my input file
Member 14991075 4-Jan-22 8:49am View    
I would like to check if the commands of my code read my data of my input file. But this code show one 1x1 column with zeros (0) and do not show the data of the first column of my input file
Member 14991075 4-Jan-22 8:09am View    
The problem is that I have a file with 14 columns and 644 lines. I use these commands but my .exe file does not showing what I would like

I give you my code:
parameter (len=644) ! lines
dimension A(len,14) !rows
C real IMM, lat, lon
character header*110,Var1(len)*4,Var2(len)*8,Var3(len)*8
+ ,Var4(len)*8,Var5(len)*8,Var6(len)*8,Var7(len)*8,Var8(len)*8,Var9(len)*8,
+ ,Var10(len)*8, Var11(len)*8,Var12(len)*8,Var13(len)*8,Var14(len)*8,header_append*97

do i=1,len
write(*,5) A(i,1)
end do

5 format(2x,f3.1)

do i=1,ip
write(*,5) A(i,1)
end do


Could you please help me?